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Although many of us have spent the month locked in our homes, May was all about forward movements in the digital sector, in particular social media platforms. As the rest of us tune in more than before, the giants in control have been continuously fine-tuning and ensuring we have everything we need.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the most significant moves in May and some of the announcements that we can’t wait to get our hands-on.

Facebook Shops! 🛍️

Where better to start than Facebook? The news about their ‘Facebook Shops’ feature could be one of the most significant moves made so far this year. The feature will roll-out across Facebook and Instagram.

‘Facebook Shops’ is going to offer all eligible businesses the opportunity to sell their products across their feeds, directly to potential customers. This is news that certainly shouldn’t be taken light-heartedly, it potentially revolutionises the way businesses will use social media in the long run.

For Facebook, this is a move into eCommerce that potentially corners a huge market, albeit a market that they created. They have been working with giants of the eCommerce sector to get it spot on, with WooCommerce and Shopify amongst the contributors.

What should you expect? 😮

Honestly, we aren’t entirely sure, but from the initial overview, we would predict something aesthetically pleasing, with plenty of options for you to buy as the consumer. Almost like a mini-store, external from the main company website, but this mini-store might actually become more beneficial in the long-run.

Sharing the room on social media 🤳

We’re staying with Facebook for this next one; May saw the introduction of Facebook Rooms. Rooms seems like a logical step for the social media powerhouse as they aim to compete with Zoom and Skype for the video call throne. We love the ethos of Rooms, if you haven’t read our previous post regarding the platform itself, give it a read:

106. Facebook Messenger Rooms (Digital Marketing)

Why? Well, why not? 🤔

Everyone has been conferencing throughout the pandemic, and Facebook was given the push it needed to join the party. However, what they have elected to do is create a fun, house-party style atmosphere with their video call platform. It feels much more like a catch-up with friends than a business tool, and that’s precisely why we love it!

It’s time to take on social media video ads 📹

May was all about making social media work for everyone, and that includes those who earn their living through social media. It seems like it took forever, but this month, Instagram finally announced the monetisation of IGTV.

Instagram TV has largely failed to become as successful as its photo-sharing sibling due to a lack of options when it comes to earning from the platform; however, all of that is about to change. The company will be trialling the pay per view side of the platform with 200 US-based creators. With active creator accounts come ads, which we know will be to the annoyance of some of us, however the content we get will be stringently policed by the boffins at Instagram, so expect high quality and original video.

The light at the end of the tunnel 💡

We want to finish on some positivity, and although some of these features may have come into play in April, we are going to carry on through.

In the past month, we have witnessed the digital marketing sector join hands and rise up against the feeling of insignificance we all feel from time to time. Mental health is out in the open more and more, and we think it’s brilliant that people are starting to reach out!

We saw Netflix and Instagram join forces to roll-out the ‘Wanna talk about it’ question and answer sessions, the streaming platform used some of their biggest stars to target the young adult demographic of their audience. The actors in question appeared on the popular show ‘Stranger Things’, they live-streamed in direct contact with a mental health expert asking the most popular subjects concerning mental health and the lockdown situation.

The breakout of Covid-19 also saw Snapchat bring forward their much-awaited ‘here for you’ resource. ‘Here for you’ is a mental health addition to the platform, allowing Snapchat users who may be feeling down to talk to someone and watch resources about the feelings they are currently experiencing.

Don’t forget if you are feeling down there are countless resources out there and plenty of people who would love to talk to you.

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