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We may be at home, but we’re working! 🖥️

During the lockdown, it’s become evident how important video is within many business sectors. From group meetings to interviews and everything in-between, video calls have kept many industries alive throughout this uncertain period.

From Skype to Zoom, video calling has become the lynchpin of social media. A sprinkle of live video from those who usually offer group sessions such as personal trainers and football coaches, keeping us all active. Joe Wicks has become the talk of the nation for his family-friendly fitness regimes. It feels like there is no stopping the implementation of video across social media, and we have a new arrival to the party.

Guess who… 🤔

Facebook has been one of the most prominent players in the messenger market for as long as social media has existed, with their acquisition of WhatsApp only strengthening their stranglehold.

Let’s be honest; no company has connected people the way Facebook has. So this step forward is understandable for those of us who are constantly checking our Facebook profiles or checking in with our friends and colleagues on Messenger. Facebook highlighted that the current situation has led to the numbers of Messenger and WhatsApp calls doubling in the recent weeks, and they’ve responded to the global desire for easier video calls, by presenting us with Messenger Rooms.

What’s new? ⭐

Where the competitors have previously focused on business meetings and interviews, Rooms feels, well, much roomier than that. It’s much more like an open invitation to those you haven’t seen in a while to spend a little time just virtually hanging out. Simply drop into an existing room to chat to whoever’s there.

The boffins at Facebook highlighted book clubs as the apogee on their interaction scale, avoiding the idea of this being a corporate experience, and they nailed it.

Rooms will allow up to fifty people to tune in for an unlimited amount of time. Open up your own room, choose who can see it and let friends and family drop in for a chat! If a friend or a community you are a part of, is running a room you can drop in and hang-out for a while. You don’t even need to have a Facebook account to join!

Light-hearted fun 😃

Facebook is focusing on fun and friendly for Rooms; if you have messenger you may know you can add a filter over your live-video, bunny ears, superman mask, whatever floats your boat. You can use these as you chat, you can even change your videos mood-lighting and utilise immersive 360 backgrounds.

Overall Facebook has brought us all a little closer together, and they’ve done it in style. We are highly suspicious that they have probably had this up their sleeve for a while, but what better timing? The world needs Facebook Rooms, and honestly, it needs it now.

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