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We find it remarkable that here we sit, the rainy month of June 2019, and we still come across businesses and clients who simply aren’t getting the most from their online presence. What’s even more shocking is that there are still businesses not using certain platforms whatsoever, therefore we have decided to offer a brief overview of the most accessible platforms, and some tips on how to successfully manage a responsive social media presence.

So, whether you’re starting a new business, or revamping the social media platforms you already use, it’s vital that you start by asking yourself a series of questions. What do you want to achieve via your social media platforms? Increased prospects, personal customer service, brand recognition etc? It’s possible to achieve all three but in our experience, having sight but no vision will often lead to hitting one of the many social media stumbling blocks.

What is going to be your voice? Far too often we see companies leading their social media in one direction, whereas their day-to-day branding points to a totally different postcode. So let’s begin our short but hopefully helpful incite to our favourite platforms.

One of the great strengths of Facebook will always be the ability to market your company to friends and family. Things become viral very quickly on the platform, however you will often find that a lot of the viral content will actually have originated on Twitter, but we’ll save that for later. So, yes, you can share things very easily, to a huge audience.

One thing we would suggest is to build your reviews on Facebook, there are lots of people around, and the nice things those wonderful people have to say about you are vital to the new customers checking over your page.

On the other hand, Twitter has quickly become the go-to platform for the savvy and increasingly witty business owner. With the larger companies amongst us actively hiring those who can think on their feet to act as social media managers and in some cases a frontline comedic voice for the company. Twitter’s character limit forces a thoughtful response from business, and personally, we love this.

Long gone are the days of endless emails from a customer service department, and step forward social media responsiveness. No other platform creates viral content quite like Twitter, therefore, having someone who knows their way around the platform at the helm of the ship is always helpful. In recent months we have seen the TFGM team take over with a flurry of viral posts based on witty travel information signs dotted around the city.

Let’s move on to the millennial marketeers paradise – Instagram. Our favourite thing about Insta is the fact that the platform is constantly attempting to make itself a more beneficial business space. As Instagram evolves so do those running great immersive campaigns.

Your company’s presence can skyrocket overnight when it comes to instagram due to the marketability of good imagery and an insightful outlook on business. Isn’t Instagram a playground for narcissism? Well, at times it is, and for a long time the success of businesses on the platform has boiled down to leveraging this type of behaviour. Immersive influencer campaigns are easily relatable for the mass market, especially when selling B2C (from business to customer). For a long time the fast-fashion industry has dominated the sponsored posts and ads of Instagram but we are now seeing a change. There are an increasing amount of interesting people out there (influencers) who can push your brand in various directions, meaning it’s the management that can be the difference between great profit and great disappointment.

So how can you improve all three? Well work on those connections and friends on facebook, get your reviews up and take an in depth look at the Facebook Ads platform, it’s pretty great! For Twitter, work on your social voice, how and where do you want to be heard, and once you’ve been heard keep the consistency and relatability. Oh, and be witty…but not offensive. Instagram, well, learn how to take good photos, capture things people want to see and find out who could benefit your brand as an ambassador. Alternatively hire an agency who can do it all…we will be waiting to hear from you.

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