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We’d be lying if we said we started thinking about seeing the new John Lewis Christmas advert in November…it’s normally March. Every year we queue up ready to praise or scrutinise the premium shopping giants efforts, and honestly, whether we love it or we’re indifferent, (we never hate anything Christmas themed) it still gives us that warm feeling inside. Such is the hype that the John Lewis ad receives that you’d be forgiven for thinking that no other company makes an effort at Christmas. So we want to put that right! In this blog, we will look at some of the most brilliant Christmas marketing campaigns of the last decade, and give those businesses the praise they deserve. Let’s go!

Virgin Trains – It’s a wonderful line 💞

Finding a place to start with this list was always going to be difficult. But, we think we might have got this spot on! In 2018, Virgin achieved what all great Christmas marketing campaigns should achieve. They addressed a pivotal social issue, mental health and the high rate of suicides at train stations.

The travel giant printed the entire script from Christmas classic, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life‘ and spread it across every platform on the London – Glasgow line. We love an inventive campaign and this is one of the best we’ve seen. Whilst also championing the difference that can be made by a timely intervention with someone struggling with their mental health. Great work Virgin.

Sainsbury’s and The Royal British Legion – Christmas is for sharing 🍫

For this Christmas marketing campaign, we take a trip back to 2014, although for those who remember it, it feels much more recent. Sometimes to make something truly heartwarming it takes two national entities to combine and that is exactly what happened with this Christmas campaign. The heart-warming advert swept the nation and almost instantly became one of the most memorable of all time.

Sainsbury’s marketing team created an advert that depicted Christmas day 1914. During WW1 when the troops notoriously downed weapons to play a game of football and share some time together. The advert centres around two young troops on opposite sides of the war who share gifts without the other knowing. The Chocolate bar which is passed from the British troop was put on sale in Sainsbury’s to raise funds for the Royal British Legion. The campaign focused around the element of sharing at Christmas, no matter what the situation, and with a splatter of history, the pair had pulled off a Christmas advert to remember.

Coca-Cola – Holidays are coming! 🚛

Firstly, we apologise because now you’ve got the most repetitive jingle of all-time stuck in your head, (sorry, not sorry). Is Christmas the same without the Coke advert? It’s been around in its current format since 2010 and so is celebrating its 10th birthday with a bit of a damp, toned-down, COVID related Christmas. Nevertheless, Coke wins our hearts every year.

It’s brilliant marketing as the rockstar of the fizzy drinks sector, combines a song we can’t get out of our heads and an image so Christmassy that it’s as much a part of Christmas as a Tree itself. Whatsmore is that the Coca Cola Christmas truck now has its own global tour. Meaning that people can attribute a memorable experience like going to see the truck to the Christmas marketing campaign. This is immersive marketing at its best, and the holidays will keep on coming with Coca-Cola, COVID or not!

Wise men don’t drink and drive – Budweiser 🚛

The Budweiser Christmas campaign that originally popped up in 2017 is one of our favourites for countless reasons. Firstly, the social responsibility perspective taken by the beer manufacturer is pleasing to all of us. For years we have listened to those Christmas classics, that revolve around ‘driving home for Christmas’. But, at the time of year when everyone lets their hair down, is advocating having a few too many before driving really the way we want to go about it? Well, it isn’t what Budweiser condones.

All-in-all this is an important campaign, it highlights the responsibilities that their customers have for others. Whilst also playing on the traditional three wise men of the nativity story. Brilliant marketing from the team at Budweiser, one which benefits everyone, including those who aren’t old enough to or don’t drink their product.

Google Santa Tracker 🎅

For the last campaign, we wanted to go for something a little off-the-cuff. Every year since 2004 the marketing team at Google have been bringing us a slice of fun that would make even Scrooge smile (or smirk maybe). By allowing users to track the journey of Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, google allows us to visualise what his actual workload would have looked like, or does look like, depending on what you believe!

The digital tool is also a brilliant way for parents to teach their children about Santa and add visualisation and realism to his existence. After all, Christmas is about happiness, laughter and giving children that little slice of Magic. Rather than congratulating Google on this brilliant campaign. We want to say thank you, for bringing a little more of all the greatest Christmas emotions to everyone with your fantastic piece of Christmas marketing.

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