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How to give your content the clout it deserves?

Before we start, we already know that somewhere within the oceans of online content out there, is that article you shed blood and tears over. In all honesty it’s likely light years ahead of some of the tripe that gains traction, and we understand your frustration. So here we are, like little content magicians about to give your next masterpiece some much-needed pizzazz!

Where do you start? Well… the first rule of great content is that it is only as great as its audience. Therefore, if there’s no one around, guess what… no one is going to see it! What’s the best time? We hear you screaming, and truthfully we can’t tell you. Not because we like to keep the cards close to our chest but simply because it can vary drastically based on several chance factors including your sector, niche and the social media platform you are using.

Once you’ve figured out your audience, it’s time to get your head around how to make them share your posts. How are you going to do that? It’s important to remember human nature, especially when it comes to social media. Do you really want your audience swiping away from your post, even though they loved it beyond words, simply because their attention has been stolen by a smiling dog? No, you don’t. So here’s the trick, make your content as shareable as possible, and if this is a problem then make it engaging! Add questions, request replies and interaction, these are ways to make yourself memorable.

After all the effort you’ve poured into your content you need to be sharing it more than once. Once, isn’t enough and it never will be! If your audience interacts with your content, it should be more than enough reason for it to be seen time and time again. The same goes for if you think your content underachieved, get it out there again at a better time of day, or day of the week. Edit what you show, attach a different picture, or use a snippet of your video footage you haven’t before, keeping it fresh increases the chance of engagement.

Finally, tailor your content for each platform. Although your followers/friends/members etc may be the same on each platform, it’s pivotal you think outside the box when it comes to the delivery of content. Every social platform has its strengths and weaknesses and performs differently. Therefore your content shouldn’t remain static throughout, use those professional shots for the aesthetic kingdom of Instagram, save the endlessly wordy posts for Facebook or LinkedIn and be hampered by the character limit on Twitter.

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