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We’ve Improved Our Accounts System

Another important step for our creative journey! We have now implemented a new accountancy system into Create8.

When Create8 began, we didn’t consider the accountancy systems available to us, which meant we joined the system that was suggested to us and that was that. Cut to 3 years later and we have made various changes to progress Create8 as a company, but when we looked at the time it was taking us to create and send quotes to our clients, and to work on our accounts, there was clearly room for improvement. We decided to go on the hunt for new accountancy software, with our main aims being that we wanted to:
A. Get the quotation over to the clients quicker
B. Make it easier for the Create8 team!

Considering these points and with some advice from our accountant we ended up going with Xero. This ended up changing our entire sales process for the better. With it being a cloud-based system, we can do our accounts on the move, and no matter where we log in, they are always up to date. The clear layout also means it’s a lot simpler to do and to keep track of our accounts as a whole.

This has been a great improvement for Create8 as we move forward with modern technology and developments in business.