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There’s something in the water of the northern cities, business is booming, pride is at an all-time high, and we just can’t get enough of it. Being situated in Stockport is part of what makes us tick, it defines our creative juices, and we love being here.

Only a stone’s throw from the Manc metropolis itself, Stockport has its obvious advantages when it comes to growing your business. In recent years it has become more than a steady-moving town in the shadow of a northern powerhouse, Stockport has become a hub for life and thriving businesses.

During its meteoric rise, Stockport has found itself growing at an alarming rate, which for the businesses and people situated here has been a blessing. From the flurry of new buildings that have erupted from the earth to the markets and meeting places soaked in culture.


The M60 is the veins of Manchester, and the Redrock stands loud and proud just as you approach Stockport. The new-build leisure destination is home to several restaurants alongside the Light cinema; offering visitors a different experience from many competitors as its layout simulates watching a film at home.


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Market mentality

It isn’t just the static improvements to Stockport that have lifted the town. Once a month the appearance of ‘Foodie Friday‘ brings hoards of new faces flooding into the town centre to feast on street food, craft beers and plenty of other culinary delights. The crowds are excited, adding a zest to the atmosphere that lifts the town into a fantastic foodie frenzy.

That’s not all; it’s not just ‘Foodie Friday’ that passes through once monthly but also the ‘Makers Market’. Bringing not only artisan food-makers but also hand-made goods of all kinds, all sold by fabulous independent craftspeople. Pop to the Makers Market if you’re on the hunt for anything from brilliant prints of Stockport centre, photography, musical memorabilia and even plant pots made from recycled beer cans.

Doing business in style

Stockport town has shaped its development around the success of the businesses that call it home. When it comes to a plushy venue for your offices or for a meeting where you want to impress, the Profolk workspace offers a brilliant location and interior goals like you wouldn’t believe. A building that specialises in creatives and the tech-savvy, Profolk is a floating office venue with flashes of marble and stained glass.

Not to be biased but we think the building is great. You can find us in our new office on the ground floor, or join us for a chat in our underground meeting room.

Stockport success stories

You needn’t look much further than the Stockport Business Awards to see the various success stories of this flourishing town. From the fearless creatives and graphic designers to giants in the tech sector. Stockport has an abundance of business acumen, and as its popularity grows, we expect to see a whole host of larger companies flocking to this brilliant town.


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Stockport on the silver screen

As Stockport’s popularity has grown as has how frequently we have been able to see our favourite town on the big screen. Most recently, Netflix global drama ‘The Stranger’ paid a visit to film some scenes with the town as a backdrop. ‘Peaky Blinders’ also used Stockport Plaza and Stockport Town Hall in some recent episodes.

To the moon and back for humble Stockport

What can we expect next from Stockport? Well, honestly, we really don’t know! As has been the success of the last ten years we wouldn’t want to sell our town short, so we aren’t even going to guess. But one thing is for sure, as this place creates more and more success stories, it’s inevitable that the best is yet to come.

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