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Positive branding is more important than ever before for your business. If you want to stand out in 2021, you need to stand for something.

This year feels a little more real than the last, but not much. 2021 has arrived and offered a fresh hope that soon we may all be back to the life we remember so fondly. With the promise that we won’t take a passing moment for granted again, we look forward.

The global pandemic rocked the business world. Countless companies have ceased to exist, pulled down their shutters one last time or moved to much more humbling premises. Let’s take a look at what could be the difference-maker for your business in 2021.

Of course, no two people are the same, yet we all have a somewhat aligned vision of what we want from this year. Honesty and integrity are important, and we don’t just mean on a personal level, we mean from your business too. 

Customers 👋

The world in which we live has created a business and customer relationship like never before. Long gone are the days of offering a fantastic product, and that being enough to drive success. Businesses are now increasingly active when it comes to positivity and positive brand reinforcement.

Potential customers are far savvier about which companies they endorse. They want to buy into a business whose mentality aligns with their own. Having the same set of positive values initiates a far deeper relationship and creates more long-term brand loyalty.

Positive design 🤗

We’ve all heard the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. That couldn’t be more accurate in the current climate. Many of us are still working from home or furloughed because of the situation with Covid-19. We are spending more time on social media and soaking in more brands and the messages they share. 

As more potential customers queue up, now is the time to catch their eye. Sharing your company ethos and positive messages throughout your content is a great place to start.

With positive graphic content, there are lots of different ways you can spread your message. Think of the shareable content you can create; positive messages in a clear and aesthetically pleasing font. People love to reshare something simple and positive.

Typography isn’t the only way you can tailor your graphics towards spreading positivity. The graphics sector trends in 2021: vast open spaces and soft pastel colours. Both of these things create a calming effect and imply clarity rather than chaos. 

Why don’t you implement soft, calming colour schemes within your content? We’re thinking of a social media world filled with mint-choc-chip ice cream and candyfloss. Summer, familiar times and positivity.

Positive branding 😀

You must know how to reinforce your brand with positivity. The truth of the matter is that you can’t just buy a brand pack and hope that everyone who interacts with your business will review it in a positive light. Your brand is built up over a prolonged period, so consistency is the key. 

You can’t turn up to a sector and buy your reputation. From your initial brand strategy, you need to take the necessary steps to be remembered in a positive light. Think about what you stand for as a business owner. What are your beliefs, your passions and your driving force to get up and grind every morning? Once you’ve identified these things, breathe them into your brand. 

Brand and UX 👍

How a customer remembers your business is your brand recognition. Everything from the way your website works and how it caters for your clients. The time it takes for your products to be dispatched and delivered. The way your customer service copes with a request. They are all pivotal to being remembered in a positive light.

Once people have connected with your brand, make sure you are capturing their opinions and reviews. Having lots of reviews creates credibility, so don’t miss out on all that feedback.

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2021 is one we want to grab by the horns as an agency, we are really looking forward to this year. We have continued to grow throughout lockdown, meaning that we can provide our clients with even better service!

Branding is our thing, and we embrace new projects or being quizzed on the possibilities of a branding strategy. So, reach out, let’s share the positivity this year, and let’s do it together.

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