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Enhancing performance with a Shopify support package

Maintaining an online store is time-consuming, even when using an intuitive and user-friendly eCommerce platform like Shopify.

How often have you spent hours researching how to resolve a simple issue on Shopify? When running a business, time is money, so it pays to have a Shopify expert on hand. 

Of course, few eCommerce stores can justify the luxury of hiring a Shopify web design expert in-house, so investing in a Shopify support package is a cost-effective alternative.

Investing in a Shopify support plan gives you access to expert technical advice and support, ensuring your eCommerce store always operates at peak performance.

In this article, we’ll explore what services are included with a Shopify support package and how investing in one can help enhance your eCommerce store’s performance and help your business grow.

What is a Shopify support package?

A Shopify support package allows you to access advice and technical support from a Shopify expert whenever needed. Support is usually accessed by telephone or email.

You pay a fixed price each month and, in return, receive a set number of hours of Shopify support each month. Most Shopify support providers offer various support plans, allowing you to choose a level that best suits your requirements and budget.

This arrangement significantly reduces the time and resources you and your team spend in-house trying to navigate Shopify’s functionalities or troubleshoot problems, freeing up more time to focus on growing your business. Shopify support services help to maintain your store at peak efficiency to enhance user experience (UX), positioning your eCommerce business for greater success.

shopify collection pageWhat services are typically included in Shopify support packages?

Shopify support packages come in all shapes and sizes, reflecting the varying requirements of store owners. Whether you’re a Shopify whizz who needs help taking your store to the next level or a Shopify noob who needs their hand-holding while they get to grips with the platform and launch their first store, there’s a support package out there to suit your needs.

The scope of services included within these packages can vary widely, from basic technical support to more advanced web development services.

Some common services in Shopify support packages include:

  • General technical support – Help with the day-to-day operations and queries that keep your store running smoothly.
  • Troubleshooting – Identifying and resolving specific issues affecting your store’s functionality.
  • Bug fixes  – Identifying and fixing glitches or bugs impacting UX or store performance.
  • Shopify theme support – Amending, customising, or maintaining your Shopify theme to enhance your store’s appearance and user interface.
  • Shopify app integrations – Help with installing and configuring Shopify apps.
  • Custom functionality development – Creating and implementing advanced, bespoke website features to provide a unique shopping experience.
  • Technical audits – Regularly auditing your Shopify store to identify opportunities to improve or optimise its performance and security.

Depending on your chosen service level, you may also receive a dedicated account manager who will get to know your business inside out and provide tailored and efficient support.

Screen grabs of a Shopify storeWhat are the main benefits of Shopify support packages?

Many Shopify store owners use a Shopify support service plan to save time and hassle. While these services can undoubtedly help you achieve this, they also play a crucial role in enhancing the performance of your online store, ultimately contributing to its overall success.

Let’s look at the key benefits of signing up for a Shopify support package.

  • Access Shopify experts – When you have a Shopify specialist readily available, you can quickly tap into expert knowledge and insights, helping you keep your store running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Save time – By outsourcing technical tasks and troubleshooting to the experts, you can free up valuable time for strategic business activities that help to drive growth and innovation.
  • Reduce stress and hassle – Outsourcing technical issues helps minimise the stress and frustration caused by trying to rectify technical issues without the relevant knowledge or know-how.
  • Fix problems quickly –  Shopify experts are adept at addressing Shopify technical issues and resolving them quickly to minimise any potential disruptions to your store’s operations.
  • Cost-effective – Shopify support packages are charged at a fixed monthly fee, helping to eliminate unpredictable costs for more reliable financial planning. They are also affordably priced for the value of the services received.
  • Enhance user experience – By minimising downtime, fixing bugs, and improving performance, Shopify support packages help you enhance user experience. This helps maintain your brand’s reputation and lays a solid foundation for your business’s ongoing success.

Is a Shopify support package beneficial for new store owners?

Maintaining a Shopify store can be complex and time-consuming, even for experienced users. So, if you’re new to Shopify and launching your first eCommerce venture, Shopify support for new store owners can provide you with a valuable lifeline.

When you invest in a Shopify support plan for your new store, a Shopify expert will be readily available to hold your hand and walk you through finding your way around Shopify. This strategic investment gives your new venture the best possible chance of succeeding.

How can a Shopify support package improve a Shopify store’s performance and sales?

Having a dedicated support service ensures any bugs or issues with your Shopify store are resolved swiftly, minimising operational disruption and downtime. A broken or glitchy website creates a poor user experience and could even lead to security breaches, all of which can damage your brand’s reputation and potentially drive customers to rival stores.

When you use Shopify maintenance services, problems can be resolved quickly, enhancing the user experience, which can, in turn, help your business to win more sales. Depending on your chosen support plan tier, you may also have access to specialist Shopify performance optimisation services. This service goes beyond fixing problems to proactively refining your website’s functionality and enhancing performance. Proactively performing updates and making adjustments helps guarantee your website always operates at peak performance.

Desktop pages of a Shopify storeDiscover Create8’s Shopify support packages

Need technical support managing your Shopify store? 

At Create8, we are proud to be an accredited Shopify agency and partner. Our Shopify experts offer three distinct Shopify support plans: Support, Support+, and Elevate, each designed to cater to different levels of requirement and complexity.

Our Support plan: Our foundation plan offers 8 hours of Shopify technical support services per month by email or telephone. It includes basic Shopify technical support, troubleshooting, bug fixes, and a monthly technical audit.

Our Support+ plan: This plan offers 20 hours of support a month from a dedicated account manager. In addition to technical support and troubleshooting, you also receive development support for your website’s theme.

Our Elevate plan: Our most comprehensive support plan is designed for larger or more complex Shopify stores. This gets you 35 hours of support and a dedicated developer. It includes assistance with Shopify app integrations, the development of custom functionalities, and performance enhancements fixes.

To learn more about upgrading Shopify support or to purchase a Shopify support package, contact us today by calling 0161 820 9686. Our team is ready to help you select the perfect support plan for streamlining your eCommerce operations and boosting your store’s performance.