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We interviewed our in-house illustrator designer Sami, to discuss all things illustration.

What advice would you give someone considering further education in Illustration?

I would say go for it, the years I spent on my Illustration degree were amazing. Being surrounded by creative people is the best way to learn and grow. Even if you don’t want to go into higher education, you should look out for local artists and studios that you can get involved in, find other creatives and be inspired.

What illustrators are inspiring you at the moment?

I’m currently really enjoying illustrators online who create comics about their day to day life, two of my favourites at the moment are artbymoga and lesleyimgart. Very different styles and stories, one to make you laugh and one to make you think, have a look and see what you think. As for children’s book illustrators, I’m currently enjoying the work of Benji Davies who creates brilliant characters and worlds to put them in.

When implementing illustrations into a design project, what is it important to do before starting?

Depending on the idea, an illustration can take a long time to create, it’s important to discuss the concept with a client thoroughly. Rough sketches are important to ensure everything is correct for the client before you begin the final illustration. Once it’s complete, tweaks can be made but to start it all over again would add time and money to a project, which isn’t ideal.

Can you give us one illustration top tip?

Don’t go with any and all the trends you see online, be inspired of course but don’t create for likes. This will only lead to you creating things you have no passion for, which won’t help you connect with an audience or yourself. I don’t mean avoid anything popular, this can help you reach new likeminded people, but make sure it’s helping you further the style and career you want.

If you looking for custom illustrations for your next project, you have to come to the right place! Our Manchester based Illustration artist Sami is ready to take on your project.