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How can your business leverage package design to offer your customers a little more this Christmas?

Saying ‘Christmas’ in early November feels a little bit like saying a swear word in front of your gran. With December just around the corner, we can’t overlook the inevitable. So… Christmas it is.

In the Christmas period, failing to prepare your business can be as costly as forgetting to buy your partner a present. You’ll be in the dog house, and we certainly don’t want that.

If you’re ready to start thinking about how your business can spread the Christmas cheer this year, then you might even win a few extra hearts in time for 2022.

In this blog, we are addressing your Christmas packaging design specifically and offering our hints and tips on how you can make a splash this Christmas. Whether it’s something innovative and thought-provoking or something fun and throw-away, in the words of Tesco, every little helps.

So, let’s get wrapping.

Christmas is in the planning

First things first, we know you don’t want to be thinking about Christmas too much unless you’re one of those people who like watching Elf in March like some of us. But, the sooner you start addressing your business approach this Christmas, the better.

There really is no time like the present for presents; the Christmas secret is all in the planning. When it comes to Christmas packaging design, you really should be giving it your full attention to make sure what you produce adequately echoes your usual approach.

Some of the benefits of introducing some festive cheer to your packaging include:

  • Emphasising the happiness Christmas creates.
  • Surprising your customers with something memorable.
  • Refreshing your brand image to feel more wholesome and cherishable.
  • The creation of unique Christmas variants of your products.

Changing your packaging is a big decision, so please, think it through now, iron everything out, and let’s go.

Packaging design and Create8

As a packaging design agency, we specialise in bespoke and original concepts so that your business stands out from the crowd. With lots of experience for you to leverage and a team of creatives who love breaking the mould, you can’t go wrong when you choose Create8. If you want to see some of the brilliant projects we’ve been lucky enough to work on recently, follow the link below, have a look around and let us know what you think.

Variations on a theme

The beauty of Christmas packaging design is that you don’t need to rip up all the work you’ve done previously just to create those happy vibes. Christmas can be recognised by the majority of people almost instantly. So, if all you need is a variation on your current theme, what’s your excuse?

The truth is, you don’t have one. Think of the trees sitting in their designated corners up and down the country or the lights adorning windows across the globe. You’ll notice the hues of green and red as far as the eye can see. So it’s as simple as that, insert those traditionally Christmassy colours into your current formula and go from there. Of course, it’s simple, but it’s effective too! Great for those who don’t have the time to plan out their December marketing.

When it comes to the kaleidoscope that is Christmas, you aren’t tied down to a specific set of rules or regulations. If you look at the secondary colour palette, you’ll see rich golds, brilliant whites and blacks too. Therefore, you can add a luxurious feel to your Christmas themed packaging by integrating these colours. Using a base of black or white with gold stands out immediately as both clean and expensive, and it’s guaranteed to make your customers feel special; that’s always a positive.

Sometimes it’s about the cheese

Christmas is occasionally about the cheese. No, we don’t mean Stilton, or Camembert or even Brie, although they are all great options! We mean something cheesy, something that makes people smile and reminds them of when they were young.

Don’t shy away from the traditional Christmas icons. Whether it’s a plump little Santa or a reindeer with hayfever, we love all things Christmas. There really isn’t a way you can mess those cheesy images up, so think outside the box, and for the next point, think inside it too.

What’s inside the box?

OK, so your packaging has been designed immaculately. It stands out, catches the eye and creates that cheery feeling in all who see it. So no you have to consider, do you want your business to make people feel extra special this festive season?

How can you make the most of all that wonderful internal space? Well, first things first, understand that space is an opportunity. If your packaging typically comes padded with tissue paper, then think about how you could use Christmas themed paper instead of the traditional option, maybe you only change the colour scheme of your classic filler.

If your business offers a very bespoke product, it’s time to start putting that extra unique addition to your internal packaging. One of our absolute favourites is custom inserts.

Receiving something bespoke increases the chances of your customers falling in love with your products. We know if you are dealing with incredibly high volume orders, this may be more difficult but trust us; it’s totally worth it.

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So, it’s not quite Christmas, but we are already thinking about all of those warming memories and moments we are going to have this year. We can’t wait to see all of the brilliant marketing campaigns, packaging designs and brand refreshes that Christmas brings. If you have found anything in this blog of interest or if you would like to discuss how we could help your business push forward this Christmas, have a wander around our website and get in touch; we can’t wait to hear from you!

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