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In this interview, we’ve delved a bit further into the background of Create8. Speaking to Pete, one of the Directors at Create8. He’s given us a few tips, struggles and regrets that he and the team have had to overcome.

Chatting Business with Pete

What struggles did you overcome when starting Create8?

I think the main struggle was just getting companies to take notice. Luckily when we started we had clients from when we were freelancers, but some clients didn’t want to risk using a new creative company. But after 1-2 years of working with smaller companies, who have since grown and are much larger, they gave us the experience we needed to really be noticed. We’re still working towards our goals and what we want to achieve in business but we’re growing a fantastic team in our own way.

What advice would you give to somebody starting up?

My advice would be to give 110% on every single project, referrals are key to a business’s success, especially in the creative industry. Another one is to make sure you’re always out and about meeting new people to learn from their knowledge and experience. The people that you go and meet could have done what you are doing right now. Believe it or not, there are still a lot of nice business people looking to help out new starters (like us!)

When is it the best time to employ within an agency?

It’s always difficult to decide when to employ, as it depends on how much work you want to be doing. It will come naturally, you will know when you’ve got too much work on to do it yourself. One thing I would say is work hard but don’t take too much on, as you could upset clients doing this.

What’s your biggest regret to date to do with business?

I would say our biggest regrets to date are probably trusting the wrong people. In the beginning, we had some clients who didn’t pay us for large jobs, which could have easily put us our company in a bad situation. Luckily at that time it was only myself and Alex running the business so we didn’t have many outgoings. Since then we’ve put the correct systems in place so this doesn’t happen. I guess you learn from your mistakes! But apart from that, our company has been fantastic and we couldn’t be happier with the route it is taking.

You can speak to Pete and the rest of our team any time, get in touch.