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Here we are, the summit of happiness. The spring sunshine is breaking through, we’ve got Bieber bringing us all kinds of summer vibes and the taste of beach-side fruit with his track Peaches. And, of course, we are about to get the revitalisation of our city streets. It has been a few weeks since outdoor dining reopened, and we were finally able to sink our teeth into something other than our home-cooked meals. So what was happening in the digital sector as we all sat outside our favourite cafe?

April brought positivity, as it does every year, but this year was different. Never before has the population been so eager to get their hands on a slice of positivity pie. For the joy April brought to everyone else, it also had some fabulous developments in the digital sector. So, if like us, you’re a little bit tech-crazy, you will have enjoyed April even more. In this blog, we’re going through a few of the month’s digital talking points.

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April saw Instagram launch something completely separate from the competition. In an edgy and strategic move, the social media giant released its first issue of ‘Instagram Insider‘.

With the Insider, Instagram brings a digital magazine to the sector. One that logically talks about all things Instagram. As you can imagine, issue one is aesthetically perfect. It feels like hours scrolling through your feed on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

With 9 pages and the option to be downloaded as a PDF, meaning you can have a flick through pretty much anywhere, and it won’t take much time to do so.

For the content of issue one, they chose Beauty & Fashion, which we could have guessed. The way it’s been put together is smart, highlighting trends and movements in a way more digestible than a whole tin of Pringles. There is just something pleasing about the way it’s been arranged. It’s current, and it’s spot on.

Welcome to the ‘Wellness Hub’

One welcome addition that came along in the digital sector was the ‘Wellness Hub’ by TikTok. The addition is a welcome change from what we are used to. Within the Wellness Hub section of TikTok, users can choose to view beneficial information spanning four separate topics. ‘Food and Nutrition, ‘Fitness’, ‘Life Advice’ and ‘Mindfulness’.

Within any of the topic areas, you can find advice and knowledge about that topic. There are loads of handy links to TikTok influencers who share the kind of content you are looking for.

So, it’s the usual experience but more beneficial. With TikTok looking to champion its users’ mental and physical health, we see great things on the horizon for TikTokers everywhere.

Do you like?

April brought us more news on the Instagram likes front. Likes-gate, as we will call it because this seems to have been doing the rounds forever now.

First, we hear there will be no more likes, then there will be, then there won’t, and so on. Anyway, last month we finally got some definitive info from Adam Mosseri. He stated that we will be given a choice whether we want to display likes or not on posts.

This is probably the best compromise and we hope that if some influential individuals lead the way in not showing likes, it’ll roll out. We think this change could affect the way people share and like online content in the long term.

No longer will conformity drive people into thinking something is good or bad. It will be purely down to you to like something or not. Meaning creatives and agencies will begin to judge success based on actual raw data. We think this is awesome and one of the better moves from the Instagram team in a while.

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So, here comes May. The pubs, the grub, the loud nights and quiet days. Welcome back life, enjoy everyone..

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