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Building a brand is always a difficult task; this can be even more challenging when your business has been in your family for generations.

Have you ever felt that you’re a little too emotionally or financially involved in something to look at it objectively? For example, when you change your hair and the barber or hairdresser stands there and asks if you like it. Can you ever really say no? Even if you’re not too sure, it’s your hair, so you’ll probably stand by it. A strange example maybe, but this can be the case when branding a business close to your heart.

When you’re tasked with the job of branding your family business, the stakeholders will be your nearest and dearest. You need to get this right without hurt feelings and arguments.

It’s important to note that the tips in this blog are aimed explicitly at family businesses. We’re highlighting how you can launch your family business to more than just local success. So, let’s get into the juicy stuff!

Utilise people outside the business

When it comes to family businesses, the owners will inevitably be closer to the everyday operations of their company than other entrepreneurs. Once family are involved, it can all become a little more stressful and difficult. We’re sure you understand.

This proximity can cause difficulty when it comes to assessing the branding of the business. Our first branding tips for any family business would be to utilise the opinion of someone external to the company.

Sometimes we think things look good purely because they’re ours. You know what we mean, those trainers you bought that everyone else thinks are ridiculous, or the Hawaiian shirt you should only be wearing on holiday. Asking for an external opinion can sometimes be the only way to get accurate and honest feedback.

Don’t use a friend; utilise potential customers. Those who are likely to interact with your business will give you more than yes or no feedback and more importantly, they are your target market.

Think about family businesses

What should your branding be saying? Your customers have a set of inherent beliefs when they hear the term ‘family business’, and these beliefs should be the focus of your branding.

The following statements best describe the way customers view family businesses.

  • Your family business is customer orientated
  • You are trustworthy
  • There is tradition embedded in what you do
  • Your business involves the community in its everyday routine
  • Your employees engage with your business and often develop an emotional bond with the company
  • Your business has credibility and authenticity at its core

If you are looking for more general information about our branding capabilities, follow the link below. Check out some of our previous work and have a look around, don’t be shy!

Family first?

Putting family first isn’t for everyone. In some sectors, potential customers love the idea of buying from a family business as it feels wholesome and reliable. However, in more modernised companies, clients and stakeholders could look at a business that champions its ‘family run’ history as archaic.

People don’t want to purchase from companies that seem out of touch; make sure to assess your sector when rebranding with your history in mind. One of the best ways to do this is to conduct a pilot study with your current customers or potential customers. Find out what they like and don’t like about your branding ideas, and see if your business’s ‘family’ nature is beneficial.

Strong commitment

When branding your business as a family business, your family need to be willing to be put under scrutiny, especially as the business grows. Your commitment to not only the branding of the business but also your personal brand is integral. The best example of this would be the Kamani family, owners of Boohoo, PLT, Kamani property and many other businesses.

The family have championed their businesses by having a strong and positive social presence. Their personal branding is on-point and lines up brilliantly with the companies they own.

What to champion within your strategy

When it comes to your branding strategy, you need to highlight the most valuable messages of purchasing from a family business. There are three things to consider here:

History and heritage
You’ve been here forever! Literally, your grandparents’ parents helped build up this community with your family name. You should be singing about that for sure! As loud as you possibly can and for as long as anyone will listen. This will increase your credibility within the sector and make your brand more authentic to those who want to buy from you.

Responsibility and Values
We are coming out of the strangest times most of us have ever known, and what the consumer wants right now are honesty and integrity. We want to feel appreciated by the companies we shop with and that their values align with our own.

Highlighting the good your family business does as part of your branding could be the difference between capturing consumer’s hearts and failing to do so.

Innovation and Tradition
Many family businesses have been a success for a long time, and we love hearing about that. But, when it comes to integrating tradition into your branding, consumers can be scared of an aged approach. The key is to champion how your family business has developed and evolved to innovate new solutions and products for their clients.

If anything you have read in this blog interests you or if you would like to hear more about how working with Create8 on your branding efforts could increase your chances of success. Simply head over to our contact page and send us a message. We can’t wait to hear from you. Branding your family business is far from an easy job! When it comes to fully understanding how branding can help your business grow to unimaginable success, you need to step away from the company itself.

It would be best to look at your family business with a fresh perspective and build your branding around what your customers want. Something modern but with your heart at its core.

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