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Is your brand legit?

The simple truth of the matter is when we buy as consumers we are effortlessly pulled one way or another by branding. Often the same product will be available from several different companies and it’s our commitment to certain brands that will drive our final purchase. Many businesses have gained legitimacy by dominating a certain sector for forever and a day and therefore becoming recognisable to the customer. For example when buying designer brands, are we happy to pay £300 for that Gucci t-shirt purely because it’s so much better than all the others, or are we actually buying into the story and history of Gucci?

So, here is where it gets interesting (kind of), how does a brand new business build brand recognition and legitimacy? This question plagues every new company and if not addressed correctly, is often the reason behind those who fail in their infancy. So, if time isn’t on your side, there are many ways to stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, having a good marketeer on your side of the battle will always help, someone who sees your product objectively, which in some cases is incredibly hard to do, because obviously, your waterproof underwear is the best invention since the lightbulb…in your own head at least. However, we understand for new start-ups hiring someone solely to do marketing for your product can be a cost that you would rather avoid, therefore we would suggest using an agency who can offer a marketing package tailored to your business, not dropping hints. But be aware there are marketing agencies out there who will sell campaign plans as ill-fitting as a cheap suit so do be careful.

So what would a good marketeer focus on? In the scenario of being a new company in an already highly competitive field, the focus should also be geared towards your brand story. What is it that makes your brand or product relevant, and why does your company exist? For example, if your grandad once had an apple tree, and now you make cider, guess what… sell the story. With great stories come great sales figures, and this is evident throughout countless industries. However, long gone are the days of solely placing the focus on happiness, for example, you could take a leaf out of the book of Swedish raincoat enthusiasts, Stutterheim, who have tailored their product and its story around the melancholy and general glumness that comes with torrential rain, and guess what… Being based in Manchester we can really relate! However, in an almost reverse psychological marketing scheme, you would then associate the product with other memories such as splashing in puddles as a child or hiding away from the weather as it batters at the window. Can you see how it all comes together?


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The beauty of the intense stories you can tell through your brand is growing increasingly important due to the influx of social media driven sales. If someone buys into your story they will likely retell it time and time again on facebook, paraphrase it on twitter and put their own slant and filter on it on Instagram. So as your story reverberates as too does your relevance, your brand recognition and hopefully your sales. You want to stir up interest, evoke emotion and champion feeling something, anything in fact, because a product that lacks a story is a product that isn’t needed.

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