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You might be sick of hearing ‘marketing strategy’, ‘implementation’ and ‘demographic’ by the end of a marketing meeting. But, when it comes to long term success, your plan, strategy, and implementation are essential.

In any sector, it is easy to say, ‘our product is for everyone’. You’ll blow an entire marketing budget before realising that in reality, it isn’t. There has to be an honest acknowledgement of who your target market is from the start, and knowing this could save you excessive amounts of money, time and resources in the long term.

Why is it important? 🤔

The importance of knowing your target market should never be underestimated. Below are the three most significant reasons that every business should put in the hours working out exactly who it is that their product serves.

Cost-effective strategies 💰
Having a marketing strategy is the best way for all businesses to plan their route to success. Knowing how to market and where to market is essential when it comes to managed budgets and time. Acknowledging exactly who wants to buy your product means less waste across-the-board. Being cost-effective can mean survival or calling it a day, especially for start-up businesses. Merely acknowledging your demographic can be the difference between success and failure.

Reach an under-served market 👋
The stumbling block of competition means that in most cases, the larger the brand, the more likely they are to dominate a sector. However, this does not have to be the case! When it comes to an under-served market, finding a niche can mean instant success for your product regardless of the size of your business.

Sending a specific message ✉️
Marketing across any platform is driven by knowing your demographic and how they want to be spoken to. For example, if marketing to students, you may use different wording and imagery than if your product is aimed at working professionals. To market correctly, your business must understand its customers, even in its infancy.

How can you identify your demographic? 🔎

With finding your ideal customer base, sometimes the old ways are the best, with a little modern adjustment. Classically, business owners would head to the local high street and conduct market research, whether that be asking people what they think of your product or giving away testers with questionnaires. What people think of your work is going to be the driving force behind your success. You only have a fleeting moment to make an impression; therefore, getting those wins from the first impression is important.

Social Marketing Campaigns 📝

Unless you live in an alternate universe, you’ll conduct some form of your marketing on social media. So what’s the harm in testing the water? Build your trial campaign and put a cost you’re comfortable with behind them. Make sure to give the campaigns enough time to generate leads, sales or whatever you’re marketing for.

Social media platforms are flexible with the number of demographic variations you can market to. Meaning you can pinpoint a specific niche, or send your content out to the whole of the UK, that’s up to you. If you elect to identify specific regions, ethical backgrounds, geographic differences, you’ll quickly find your demographic. You might even find more of a niche target market than you expected.

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We are a game-changing design agency with plenty of zest. However, when it comes to each project we work on, we can’t stress the value of knowing your target market. As we often work on the marketing and branding side of businesses, we can help. Whether it’s finding your ideal target market, or pinpointing a niche. We have a vast skill-set, and we love a challenge. Drop us a message today and let’s find your target market together.

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