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Providing a haircut isn’t enough 💇

As the masses clamber to get a post-lockdown haircut, let’s take a look at what made the hair and beauty sector the powerhouse it is today. How have branding, technology and having an online booking system all been vital to new startups and modernising the shops that have been there for decades?

Technology 🤳

If you don’t remember sitting in a barbershop for hours as a kid because you really needed a haircut and you weren’t prepared to let your auntie Jackie (who was only a family friend) do it with a pair of scissors and a comb from a Christmas cracker, we will be shocked! But in recent years that whole process has changed, and it will change even more post lockdown.

The business process of your shop is now as crucial as the shop itself, people live increasingly busier lives and therefore don’t wish to spend three-quarters of their Saturday waiting for a twenty-five-minute haircut. That’s where a design agency can help! For an innovative business, a website that includes your own online booking system is a must for a successful barbershop or hairdressers. If someone is able to book their appointment in advance and know exactly how long they are expected to be in and out of the shop it will improve the reputation of your brand and customers will have long-lasting positive memories of their experience. An online booking system provides Barbers and hairdressers with a set amount of work and working hours, which we are sure most would prefer. Reducing costs in staffing and working time across the board, win-win for the hair and beauty sector and also the customer.

An online booking system also saves valuable time answering phone calls to book people in and can be integrated into your website to make it more slick, professional and productive.

Branding and front of house 🤩

With the days of the door-to-door hairdresser behind us for now, it’s all about what you can offer as a brand, and that starts with your premises. It may upset some because it evokes nostalgia when we think of our grandmothers getting their haircut sitting on a chair previously reserved for Christmas, in the centre of the baroque-patterned living room floor. But now is the era of aesthetics and branding and your shop. The way it looks and increasingly the way it feels are all part of what makes a barbershop or hairdressers unique.

The branding and aesthetic are what lure us in, and even tempt us to do the unspeakable; change hairdresser or barber. But they are also what keeps us coming back, and that’s why the brand of your shop is critical. Whether you choose to base it around snappy haircuts from the ’50s and ’60s or it’s technologically geared with TVs and games consoles adorning the waiting area. You are what you create with your shop, and your branding needs to suit not only your customers but also yourself and the style of work you provide.

Marketing your shop 🎉

When you are marketing your shop, you need to think outside of the box and truly understand your clientele. You can sensibly market things you already have as a bonus to those who visit your shop. For example, a hairdresser who also offers makeup and nails could be more popular for people who really want a treat.

If your shop doesn’t have marketable extras, where else can you look? Well, honestly, anywhere! In many barbershops the option to have a bottle of beer while you wait is an enticing proposal, it’s readily available, and alcohol will never need marketing. Of course, be careful about what you choose to market your shop with because you won’t be able to sell beer without a licence, but you can give it away to someone of the legal age.

So, if you own a shop in the hair and beauty sector, and you require any marketing or branding advice we are a creative agency with specialist knowledge in many industries, and we would love to talk to you today!

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