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Does content tailored to your user improve your SEO?

For some time, search engine optimisation (SEO) has been the talk of the digital world. But as the discussion became louder, finding genuine SEO experts became more difficult.

The truth is, to find someone who really knows their way around search engine optimisation and can help your brand achieve its goals, you need to check their content creation skills too.

For some time, the two were looked at in a different light. SEO was your data-heavy and analytical approach, and content creation was pretty for those who wanted attention but not sales. In reality, neither of those is true. SEO and content creation are not mutually exclusive.

Creating great content alongside a strategic approach to search engine optimisation is the best way your brand could be operating. By championing one and not the other, you could be missing out on a piece of the puzzle that’s the difference between success and failure.

As competition heats up in most sectors, businesses are moving mountains to get an advantage over their rivals. So, in this blog, that’s what we are going to help you do! We will talk you through how your SEO and content creation, when aligned, can cause shockwaves in your sector, putting you in charge of your success.

Without further ado, let’s push on to the good stuff.

Great Content Generates a Higher CTR

Having debated where to start this blog, we thought we might just state the obvious. We don’t usually like to, but it feels right in this case! At the end of the day, the object of our website is for people to visit it. So we wanted to pose you with a question.

Are you more likely to click a link attached to a piece of content that has caught your eye or one that comes with poor content?

For most of us, if not all of us, the answer will be the content that is eye-catching, interesting and informative. So, if great content is appealing and drives clicks to our website, it’s definitely something we should be putting out!

In fact, when skimming your website, Google (and other search engines) consider the rate at which people click through to your site as a vital factor in how highly your website ranks. Therefore, click-through rate (CTR) becomes more important.

So, now we know this, how do we get it to work alongside our SEO strategy? Well, it’s simple, really. The better content that you produce, the more clicks you drive to your site. The more people who use your site, the better Google deems it to be! Therefore, the minimum level of working in synergy is as easy as putting some good stuff out there. So, let’s get writing!

SEO at Create8

At Create8, we are a Manchester-based branding, marketing and design agency with a difference. We help our clients achieve by building thought-provoking content and implementing an aligned SEO strategy. Our team of experts are always on hand to provide your brand with the knowledge you need to push your business to the next level.

We pride ourselves on producing stand-out work and ensuring we hit our client’s briefs in full every time. If you are looking for an agency to support your business in its pursuit of success, don’t look any further. Choose Create8 today, and we will help you connect the dots.

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Incorporating Keywords

The beauty of hiring an expert content creator is that they can strategically incorporate all those valuable keywords you want to rank for. If you’re not aware of what a keyword is at this point, an agency will also be able to build you a research document so that you can fully understand the scope of your sector keywords.

But for good measure, we will give you a quick overview.

Every sector has keywords that are relevant to the services or products offered. Those words are the terms that your audience is likely to search when they go to Google. For example, if you sell dog toys, you may want to target search terms like ‘durable dog toys’ or something of that nature. That is because your potential customer is likely to type this in when looking for someone to buy from.

To compete with other brands in your sector, it’s essential that you use your content to get these keywords into your website. Once Google reads your website, it will use these terms to decide how relevant your content and products are to the search that your potential customer is running.

Generating Backlinks

One of the most replicable ways to optimise your SEO is by generating quality backlinks. If other high-authority websites are pointing toward your website, Google immediately ranks your website as more reliable and, therefore, closer to the top of the rankings.

When you have high-quality content, other people are more likely to champion you as someone of knowledge and share your links. Therefore, creating great content increases your chances of people building backlinks to your site.

Great content also allows you to insert any links you deem valuable to other high authority websites. This is often valued by the person you are linking to and can help build relationships between businesses.

Content and User Experience

Although there are many different strategies involved in building a search engine-optimised website, one that is often overlooked is user experience. SEO is as much about building a website with good structure as it is about keywords, backlinks etc.

Having a website that your user can navigate effortlessly is one of the easiest ways to make a sale. Whatsmore, people remember the great experiences they have had with websites and are more likely to revisit and purchase from those companies again.

So, how can you align search engine optimisation and content creation in terms of user experience (UX)?

As an agency with design and implementation experience, we would always champion putting the UX of your website at the forefront of every decision you make regarding it. That includes both SEO strategy and content creation.

How helpful your website is to your customer is the end goal; otherwise, you will leave a bad taste in their mouth. By aligning your keywords and content with your back-end SEO, including metatags, page titles, etc. you will make the whole website flow much smoother.

This is because you’ll be attracting people to your website because they are interested in the SEO you have prioritised and then keeping them there by the content you offer.

But how can I make high-quality content?

Here is probably the most challenging section to write and the easiest at the same time. Oxymoronic, we know, but in the world of content, making something high-quality relies primarily on how well you know yourself and your audience.

What do we mean?

Essentially, what one person deems high quality can vary from each individual you pass on the street. Each of us has different interests, opinions and, importantly, buying habits. That’s where your knowledge comes into play. If you understand your target audience, you are far more likely to be able to tailor your content specifically for those individuals. If you don’t, we would advise working it out sooner rather than later.

Create8 Top Tip – When it comes to creating content that is really hot, we recommend following a process that you can replicate time and time again.

You’ll need to know what people are talking about at the moment and what is of interest to your audience. You will also need to spend time developing a brand persona that you believe speaks to those who are interacting with your business. There is little to no use in writing in a style your audience doesn’t understand.

Finally, you will need to provide value to the people for who you are writing. Whether that value is the advice you offer, the stance you take or the top tips you’re currently reading!

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When it comes to understanding how to leverage the relationship between SEO and content creation, it is an incredibly long and winding road if you have no previous experience. In our opinion, we advise outsourcing both to an agency that understands what you are all about! We wouldn’t suggest tinkering in the back-end of your website if you have no experience in this area.

Without dropping any hints, we are pretty awesome at SEO and content creation, and we always put the time in to understand each of our clients and build a brand persona that speaks to their target audience.

If you want to learn more about what we offer at Create8 or to reach out to us and discuss a project you have lined up, follow the link below. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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