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As the digital sector continues to boom, and the whispers of ‘lockdown’ still ring in our ears. It’s now, that the creatives are looking to build their portfolios of work. Graphic designers, marketers, web designers and many more digital sector specialists continue to develop their skills in the quietest corner of their homes. We wondered, is it all about your ability as an individual, or is there more at play when it comes to hiring a graphic designer?

The past twelve months for us have been extremely busy. The team at Create8 has grown and as 2021 continues to unfold, we intend to continue our growth. So, in this blog, let’s focus on advising those looking for work. How to stand out in the talent-rich graphic design sector.

Show us your skills

Skills alone won’t get you the job but it’s impossible to overlook the obvious. Versatility is crucial in the digital sector, especially as a graphic designer. Building up a variety of talents should be the aim of any creative.

We’ve come across the same problem countless times. A talented individual has neglected their ability to pick up other skills. If you’re brilliant at something you should continue to sharpen that talent as well as thinking about complementary skills.

Keep your vision clear as well as working on bigger, more innovative pieces to show your prospective employer.

Personal Brand

When they ask you who you are, they are talking at a much deeper level than your everyday credentials. The digital sector is one that operates almost entirely on an aesthetic level. Being eye-catching and memorable will help you stand out as a graphic designer.

The term ‘Personal Brand‘ seems to be used so much at the moment. That’s because now is the perfect time to be creating the best brand for your skills.

Personal Brand has been popularised by social media. Due to the rise of the demi-god like influencers. Kylie Jenner is the perfect example.

As a business owner, would the world have gone crazy for Kylie Cosmetics if her personal brand wasn’t as effective? In short, no, it wouldn’t. The range itself certainly wasn’t ground-breaking. Her personal brand, however, is.

Cristiano Ronaldo is another example. Did you know his personal brand advertising is worth more to him financially than his football is? Well, there you go.

We know what you’re thinking. How can you build up your personal brand? Firstly, seeking out the ideal social media platforms for your sector and getting your work out there.

Get posting

There are millions of great graphic designers on Instagram, don’t believe us, check for yourself. So why aren’t you one of them? Posting your work online will get tongues wagging, and trust us that’s exactly what you want!

Our key tip would be to never forget what makes you, you! That’s the greatest piece of marketing. If your day-to-day life is interesting, document it. If you’re working on a substantial piece of work, upload a step-by-step along the way. Help people to understand the process and brand of all things you.

Monitor your behaviour. People buy into people they like. Yes it’s true, not everyone will like you, but the more that do, the more job opportunities you’re likely to get. Avoid getting into debates or arguments with trolls, trolling a troll is as bad as being one. Your conduct online, your opinions and the way you share them, all contribute to your personal brand. If we are hiring, we want that to align with our mentality too. So be careful online to publicise not criticise.

Marketing yourself

Once you’ve built an accurate personal brand, and everyone knows you’re an all-singing, all-dancing, graphic design superstar. It’s then about how you market that personal brand to others.

Think about where you are advertising your work and how you’re doing it. If you have friends with large relevant followings, why not market across their feed by collaborating on a project?

When it comes to marketing your graphic design work, think like a business, not an individual. Because once you have a valuable personal brand that’s essentially what you become.


It’s difficult to be critical when it comes to your brand. We would suggest asking others for recommendations. We still do! And we would be more than happy to help you evaluate your personal brand.

Although personal brand is largely about your identity as an individual. Its purpose is the perception of others, including potential employers. So don’t be scared, advice is always helpful when looking to stand out, especially from those who are hiring.

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If you need some advice on finetuning your personal brand, give us a call, we are always here to help. One more brilliant graphic designer in the sector helps keep all other designers on their toes, and we appreciate innovation and healthy competition.

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