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We’ve been designing all kinds of projects for a long time. As a Manchester agency with a variety of sector knowledge and a vast skill set, graphic design work is our forte. During lockdown, we’ve looked over some of our earliest work, and it’s remarkable how far we have actually come. In fact, the improvement we have made in just the last few years shows that we are continually aiming to become stronger as individuals and as a business.

The question that arose as we chatted in one of our many online meetings, was ‘How do you actually improve as a designer?’ As it was a question that interested us so much, we thought, let’s make it a blog.

Think outside of the box 📦

It might sound like we are stating the obvious, but when it comes to being innovative there is nothing more important than thinking outside the box. For many years constraints were put on graphic designers as customers expected to see similar-looking graphics, time and time again. However, thanks to technology and the aesthetically geared generation, the box is much more extensive. In fact, you might not even find a box at all, such are the lack of limitations.

Take a look at the brands who have reimagined specific sectors, they revolve around breaking the rules that previously existed. Take Monster, the energy drink supplier, when their design team got hold of the project to revamp the brand, gone were the long-standing methodical colour schemes the drinks sector had known. Monster leapt into the hands of the consumers, with an eye-catching logo and bold colours. It was only a matter of time before others were following suit.

Knowing your demographic 👋

For any designer who is looking to sharpen their skills, knowing precisely what demographic you are designing for is essential. Colour schemes and graphic styles resonate differently with varied audiences.

Improving as a designer revolves around your knowledge of demographics and sector influence. Read into various demographics, not just the one you’re working in currently. The more knowledge you have, the more varied your skillset will be. For example, if someone brings you a business strategy that traverses sectors, you need to have the know-how to build something brilliant. So if it’s a bakery aimed specifically at solicitors, you better get thinking!

Keep learning! 🤓

We are not ashamed to say that every day we are still learning. Picking up not only knowledge but also skills is pivotal to improving as a designer. Using tutorials on Youtube or Skillshare is the most efficient way to soak up information that you may not have known previously. The beauty of the design sector is that we are always happy to share our experiences and things we have learnt along the way. Graphic design is a pathway that as we develop, we want those around us to grow too. Competition is healthy, and as one company up their game, we should do likewise.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. People genuinely want to share their experiences, if they don’t they will still probably help you anyway, it’s just the way us designers work. It’s your job to sponge the knowledge you are given and take a step back whilst you try to implement it in your own way. Graphic design is all about your little gimmicks, those minute differences are what make you stand out from the crowd and drive business to you. If you put your own spin on things, people will remember you and your style.

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We are an agency that offers multiple services in the design and marketing sector. But what we absolutely knock out the park are those challenging jobs where the design work needs to be totally bespoke. One of a kind, magic moment kind of stuff. That’s what we produce, and those are the jobs we love.

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