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If there’s one thing we know, it’s logo design. It may not seem it at the time when you’re starting up and have a list as long as your arm, but in the long run, your logo design is absolutely vital to your business.

It’s entirely true that your logo won’t build a brand on its own. But further down the line, it will be your logo that stands out from the crowd and makes your brand recognisable. So don’t underestimate the power of the logo! Do your research, canvas opinion and make the right decision from the very start.

The power of colours 🌈

One of the first things you need to think about is colours. This may sound like stating the obvious, but in this case, we don’t mean specifically for aesthetic purposes. Of course, certain colour palettes are trendy at specific times. For example, if you were designing a logo right this moment, you may lean towards a pastel or powder colour scheme. This is because of our exposure to these themes right now. They are popular and thus engaging in our minds.

A logo design is far more than just a pretty face. Your logo, in most cases, will and should evoke emotion. The key to making this work for you is to ensure you are evoking the right emotion! For example, blue is often used to represent safe and calm. This is why a lot of banks adopt blue colours. It is also popular among digital companies, especially when we are voyaging slightly into the unknown as a consumer. Yellow on the other hand evokes optimism, this is why a lot of food and fast food brands elect to use the colour. It makes the user optimistic of the product, whilst also evoking warmth, a feeling we associate with being well-fed.

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Less is more 👍

OK. So we aren’t going to tell you to attach a paragraph to your logo. But…text is still incredibly important. In the most succinct way possible, your logo needs to inform the customer what your product is and/or what your business does. Being literal avoids any potential confusion on the customer’s behalf. For example, if you were a TV production company called ‘Electric Productions’, make sure productions are mentioned in your logo in some way. You don’t want a sudden influx of people calling up because they need a re-wire in their house, do you?

When thinking about the text used on your logo, finding a term that adequately describes all of your services is often best. If you are a creative agency like ourselves, you wouldn’t want to list all the fields you work in on your logo. Firstly because this is too much at first glance. Secondly, because a busy logo is a bad logo.

Space 🌌

No, not the thing above us filled with planets, but actual space. Emptiness. Within any good logo design, white space should always be considered. No, it’s not a waste of space on a design, the emptiness itself is what is going to drag the customer’s attention to your logo. Space is incredibly versatile too, by using colours that contrast you can make your logo pop even more. Bear in mind, you will also want to use your logo with a transparent background so this may not be used all the time.

You’re the icon 😮

Should you choose to have one, the icon within your logo design will be the element that should highlight what you do without words. As the old saying goes, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ therefore making sure your imagery says all it can about your business is vital. For example, if you’re running an independent travel agency, icons like planes, clouds and beaches are incredibly popular. Not only do they highlight to potential customers your area of business, but they also evoke feelings in the customer related to holidays. Who doesn’t want to book a holiday when they think about a previous one…

When designing your logo, it’s advantageous to address any future uses your logo design may have. For example, if you run a coffee shop, you may like circular designs because this would allow for your logo to sit perfectly on the front of a coffee cup. Not only can you think about the fixtures and fittings within your business. Like how your logo would look on a notice board, a sign, an envelope, an app icon etc. But it’s also beneficial to think of any merchandise you may sell. Merchandise related to your business or product can offer an additional revenue stream.

Reworking is the norm ♻️

Don’t be scared of reworking your logo if you feel it needs a facelift. As the times change, as too do the needs and capabilities of our businesses. If you need to spruce up your logo, or redesign it completely, don’t fear the unknown. No one ever breaks the mould by being safe

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As a creative agency, logo design is one of our specialities. We have created countless brands across various sectors and we would love to help you to achieve your goals with the design of a brilliantly bespoke logo. We are always up for a challenge, whether it’s an entirely new logo you require or a complete redesign of a classic. No matter how difficult your job may seem, give us a call we would love to hear from you.

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