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Which social scheduling software should you use?

As the marketing sector becomes more diverse, a hectic schedule means that marketeers are becoming increasingly tight on time and small business owners are often forced to miss out on the marketing opportunities available to them. As an agency, we have found that although more and more of our customers are active on social media, they aren’t hitting their potential clients at the right time with the best information. So, here’s our advice…find a scheduling tool and learn your way around it, as soon as possible! The money and time it could save you in the long run, are literally just a blog away.


When it comes to scheduling there really is no other place to start. Hootsuite is the biggest name in the sector and continues to dominate. It has an easy to use interface where the user can schedule posts across several accounts depending on what plan you choose. Hootsuite is incredibly popular with newbies to the exciting world of scheduling, and the favourite choice amongst those who are looking for a free plan to learn the ropes. The free option provides 30 scheduled posts across 3 accounts, meaning it’s more than enough to run your personal accounts or the accounts of a small business working with a week’s worth of posts across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Promo Republic

There’s something about Promo Republic that feels personal. The corporate edge of scheduling is taken away and in its place is a platform that facilitates for all. Promo Republic has an excellent interface, incredibly versatile for everyone from the one-man business, the budding influencer, all the way through to a large scale multinational with an all-encompassing social media presence. What is beautifully brilliant about Promo Republic is that it offers an array of post ideas and templates, so if you’re struggling, which we know happens frequently when organising your various accounts, there are thousands of little pieces of inspiration on hand.

Tweet Deck

So firstly, let’s iron this out. Tweet Deck is only for scheduling Twitter posts therefore if you are active across countless different platforms this may not be the tool for you. However, we find that if you can work your twitter posts into a planner then we would schedule every one of them through Tweet Deck purely as it’s Twitter’s own platform and therefore it is constantly tweaked to be the best in the field. The dashboard allows access to all insights such as notifications and activity, it also shows your home feed in a real-time therefore allowing you to keep an eye on trends and interaction throughout your account.

The peace of mind that comes with knowing you will still be accessible to your customers and potential customers through your social media without lifting a finger or having to pencil in time within your working day, is something that is guaranteed by using a scheduling tool. If you’re not already, take a look around, there are far more in the market than we have mentioned and each comes with various features for you to get stuck into.

Still don’t have the time to schedule in all your social media? Take the pressure off and get in touch to discuss the marketing and social media designs we can offer.