Web Design for an Insurance Company

A lead generating website for self employed professionals, mobile responsive with user experience in mind. Users can easily navigate and find the insurance they need.


Landing page for insurance company

Pro Insure wanted to modernise their website, making it more digestible, friendly and easy to navigate for all their current and potential clients. They came to Create8 to bring this brief to life because of our existing experience with modernising insurance websites. The team already had a good understanding of the B2B/B2C insurance market which was important to attract business employees as well as customers. Professional, clean and clear were the buzzwords used throughout the web design process.

The brief from iPro Insure was open, this meant Create8 web design team could bring in all the knowledge and modern design styles they know whilst keeping the iPro brand guidelines in sight. Clean pages with spot colour and strong imagery make each page pleasant to look at, whilst ensuring all necessary information is easy to find. As a creative agency, some of our team would have experience with freelance work. As freelancers are one of iPro’s target markets, we could apply any knowledge we have as a team to the relevant pages.

Speak to an SEO professional about your website and they would likely recommend having a blog. Share knowledge, create more webpages for your company to be found and make sure clients see that you know your industry. For iPro Insure this blog is known as the Knowledge Hub, this was something we focussed on when designing their website. It utilises fresh content on their site, easy to navigate and nice to look at. It shares the knowledge of their team.

Create8 set up a training session with the iPro team, this was to ensure they could update the website themselves once it was transferred over to them. This is an extra that any client with Create8 can request, and gives you more control over your website whilst making sure you have the knowledge to make minor adjustments.

Form flow for an insurance company

Colour Palette

iPro Orange


Dark grey


Pure Black


Typeface: Muli

type for ipro insurance
insurance knowledge hub blog design
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