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Through the power of distinctive and dynamic design, many businesses can harness the immense potential of event branding – but it’s only through an intelligent and cohesive approach that you’ll experience the full effect.

Long-term success methods

Taking the time and initiative to plan the preliminary elements of any event branding will always reap results in the long-term, with a strategic approach needed during the initial creation of branding elements. It may be best to keep a calendar with planned dates and times for social posts, and utilise these in a way that responds to relevant or trending topics at the time. For example, you may want to utilise pop culture references taken from movies or TV shows like Marvel Avengers series or Game of Thrones, and use famous quotes from these to create humorous memes that will entertain your audience. e.g. ‘The ‘X name of event’ is coming’ rather than ‘Winter is coming.’

Building anticipation is key

Consider how professional event design could enhance your invitations, tickets and even social media pages during the ‘social drumroll’ leading up to your event. Generating as much interest as possible in the months prior to your event will help boost attendance and create welcome buzz around the event during the weeks or months beforehand.

Using one consistent tagline across the invite emails, print media and physical or online tickets will create a sense of recognition, whilst using one core aesthetic theme throughout, like one unifying symbol or colour scheme, can help all material to appear visually identical.

From the Drawing Board to the Big Day

Event branding is an involved, ongoing process that starts with the drawing board and develops and evolves continuously until the day of the big event. A sense of cohesion is crucial to experiential design – as no event will have the aesthetic or conceptual impact it should have without some harmony among its various parts. From the initial design stages to the production of event elements, the overarching concept should ring loud and clear across the campaign.

Ensuring that the unifying idea behind your event isn’t forgotten along the way will prevent the core message from being lost or diluted. So whether it’s pre-event advertising, the all-embracing branding or the experiential design itself, keeping a firm grip on the concept of the event will guarantee that it’s cohesive, connected and delivers on every promise.

Keep the theme continuous

Creating a sense of togetherness throughout your event branding is especially important where the attendee journey is concerned. Whatever the ultimate aim of your event is – to increase brand exposure, raise awareness on a given topic or drive sales and subscriptions – the journey an attendee takes from entrance to exit needs to be subtly and strategically designed.

With all elements of the event working in synergy, the journey from A to B should be seamless – this way, your audience will have the most immersive and engaging experience possible. Maintaining a sense of perspective throughout the event branding process guarantees results. It’s by keeping one eye on the big picture, exploring how different elements interact and how they work to communicate your core message, that you’ll deliver a meaningful and memorable event.

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