Bramhall Beer & Gin Festival

Brand Identity / Event Artwork

Bramhall Beer & Gin Festival

Branding and Event Artwork


Bramhall Beer & Gin Festival approached us to create a brand identity for their new festival, they wanted the festival to feel upmarket but able to attract a larger but local target audience. We went for a more simple but modern style rather than the traditional ‘fun’ looking festival artwork.


Our approach was to research into their target audience to see how we can make Bramhall Beer & Gin Festival unique to other festivals in their area, we soon realised that not many other festivals were targeting the type of audience Bramhall Beer & Gin Festival wanted to target, at this point we came up with concepts surrounding the idea and ways we can approach customers whether than being social presence or physical marketing.


The final identity came down to clean but an effective brand which represented an upmarket festival, along with marketing materials to match the style using elements of the logo to continue with their identity throughout.