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When running a successful business, generating and converting leads is vital. In the current climate, everyone is sitting at home. Including the majority of the business owners and salespeople you’re working with. Don’t overlook the power of your client point of contact as a company. Can you make your business systems work for you by using contact forms and Live Web Chat integrations? And can each one benefit your company? We know the importance of fighting through this pandemic as a business, and we want to help you innovate your way to a brighter 2021.

The voice of reason 🗣️

When it comes to being responsive as a business, you could consider an integrated chatbot. It’s vital to understand that the way we interact as humans has undoubtedly changed in the past year. Being locked up inside our homes, staring at the same four walls, becomes patience-testing from time-to-time.

For some of us, 2020 has created a fear of the unknown, the human contact we used to hold dear has become a bit of a scary thought.

So, here’s the question, to Live Web Chat or Chatbot?

Knowing your audience and your companies capabilities is critical to integrating a successful web chat system. Think about the questions you’re asked most frequently by potential customers. If a set number of responses can answer them, then you don’t need to have someone ready to respond at all times; an automated chatbot may be for you. However, when it comes to adding a personal touch to your service. Having a human-operated Live Web Chat is a notable way forward.

Live Web Chat leads 👋

Your Live Web Chat helps you capture all those potential customers who aren’t sure about whether to purchase from your business. Having answers available to these customers will help build their relationship with your company and hopefully drive them to buy.

A traditional Chatbot can be limited and off-putting if the bot doesn’t have the answers needed. Whereas a Live Web Chat allows all the extra human interaction with less picking up the phone. That’s a win for your customers and you.

A Live Web Chat is also a great opportunity to capture the potential customer’s data so that you can follow-up on their request and potentially prompt sales in the long run.

Capture details with contact forms 📇

For lead generation, contact forms are one of the most valuable tools your business can implement, especially if you build an effective one! For all those who have worked in the marketing sector, you’ll already know the value of a contact form. Beware, a bad contact form can be worse than not having one at all.

The link above leads to our contact form, and it does all the things we need it to. The form itself allows us to separate the type of requests coming into the company. As we specialise in a versatile sector, we find it helpful to know the project’s specific route from the initial phase. This allows us as a business to provide each lead with a viable project.

In the early stages of conversation between a lead and your business, you need to understand their stance and exactly what they want.

In 2021, your customers want to trust you. Just capturing their data and pushing packages that are out of their budget and scope will alienate the lead and paint your business in a bad light.

Further down the form, you should host your general data capture information. This allows the customer to have built a rapport by explaining their project before asking for their details. Traditional lead capture forms focus on those all-important contact details, but that’s not the way to go about it. Think strategically with your contact form; it will benefit your business in the long run.

Long-term lead generation 👍

When it comes to the leads you’ve generated, if you treat these leads correctly, they could reach leads. Word of mouth doesn’t get talked about half as much as it should!

You should always market savvy to your potential customers and make sure you are offering something with their specifications and demographic in mind. A one-size-fits-all solution is a thing of the past, so let’s leave it there.

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Want to see what we can do for you as a business? Give us a call, fill in a contact form, send an email, whatever suits you, we’re here, and we are ready to take on 2021 by your side.

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