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Is your business in need of a brand refresh for 2022?

OK, feel free to shout at us because we are about to mention those forbidden numbers… twenty-twenty-two. The turn of the year seems like an eternity away, but you know what they say, ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail.’

As you will already know, staying ahead of the competition is crucial to the success of a business. Winning the branding battle with those who surround you in your sector can be the difference between sink or swim.

In this blog, we want to look forward to 2022. Offering our expertise and advice to those businesses thinking about a brand refresh and those who may not have given it much thought. So let’s get started and, between us, work out whether a brand refresh could benefit you in 2022.

Reasons for a brand refresh

We fully understand that ripping up the rule book and chucking it out the window isn’t for everyone. And let’s be honest, getting your branding perfect is an arduous process. But, if you feel like your brand needs a little extra, “va va voom’ in the words of Thierry Henry, then the start of the new year might be the best time to implement your changes.

1. Understanding yourself!

It sounds cliche, we know; believe us, the whole new-year new-me stuff always will. But branding is a lot about perspective. When businesses rush into a space within a sector, they often brand themselves as what they believe the potential client wants and not who they truly are.

So, as 2022 comes into play, maybe you will be able to touch up that image to build something that reflects what you stand for as a business. Maybe you could even stand out amongst your competitors in a lasting and memorable way.

2. Create a buzz about joining your team

In the past, hiring was a piece of cake. Employees wanted to stay in one place, find a comfy seat and make a move once retirement was looming. However, those times are way behind us, and honestly, we don’t think they will be coming back.

The modern employee doesn’t just get bored and want to move on; they want to learn skills, develop and grow. A brand refresh could help your business target the best potential employees in your sector.

A refresh makes the whole place look more attractive; let’s call it a winter clean. Your employer branding is essential if you want to seek out those hidden gems, and it’s more than worth the investment, believe us.

3. Repositioning your business

We understand that not all business ventures follow what their owners have in mind. In fact, sometimes businesses are forced to reposition themselves to survive, while others see an opportunity, and off they pop. Finding a new space for your brand isn’t a sign of weakness, and as an entrepreneur, you need to embrace it.

However, branding doesn’t just work across several sectors, as you rethink your strategy, you may want to rebrand your offering too. If you previously offered children’s toys and now your business is turning its hand to jewellery, your brand will likely be out of sync, rethink, redevelop and grow.

4. Improved marketing endeavours

One of the most common branding mistakes businesses make is jumping two-footed into the marketing world without establishing a solid and memorable brand. Taking this approach leaves businesses short in terms of growth and cash. So, if you rushed your business to market in 2021, maybe in 2022, we can help you take a step back and build a brand consumers can get behind.

Brand guidelines dictate everything, from your tone of voice to the colour palette of your landing page and marketing.

Not understanding your place in the sector as a brand can negatively affect your online and offline marketing. You’ll see businesses that have started their journey with marketing rather than branding on marketing boards across the country. Keep your eye out for mixed messages from companies, wild and wacky marketing that doesn’t match the target market from their last advert. Most importantly, you’ll notice, they don’t know how, when or why to be consistent with their branding.

Branding with Create8

We have plenty on offer and a whole host of experiences for your business to benefit from when considering brand packages.

We strive to achieve the unbelievable every time we build something stand-out for our clients. As a team, we focus on breaking the rules and stretching the possibilities of branding in every aspect of our work.

So whether it’s a complete rebrand you are looking for a little refresh, click below to see what we are capable of.

Refresh ideas in 2022

With every new year comes a new way of doing things, and 2022 is no different. A brand refresh will allow your business to implement something fresh and exciting for your potential clients or customers.

Now that we’ve discussed some of the possible reasons behind a refresh, we want to provide some exciting ideas on how you can stand out this coming year. So, let’s get into the fun stuff!

1. Brand activism!

As the steam train that is brand activism shows no sign of slowing down, it wouldn’t hurt your business to implement it within your plans in 2022. Since the start of lockdown, more companies have decided that wearing their hearts on their sleeves is tactically a fantastic move. Standing up for what you believe in and working it within your branding is definitely something to consider in 2022.

Whether your brand incorporates fresh earthy tones to represent your stance on ethical produce or you champion your perspective across social media, doing something is much much better than keeping quiet.

Customers buy into a company that is ethically in sync with themselves and aims to provide solutions as well as great products.

2. The power of nostalgia

2022 is going to be another year powered by the nostalgia design trend. Nostalgic design is no new feature to the business world, but thanks to the lockdown of 2020/21, it’s far more rejuvenated than it ever has been.

As many of us were trapped at home, we reminisced with those happy childhood moments once again. From the nostalgic colour palette of the ’70s to the shows and films we enjoyed in the ’90s, there is space for everything and 2022 will have very few boundaries.

The beauty of adding some nostalgia to your brand refresh is that it allows your business to tap into the moments and memories that your customers hold dear.

Getting nostalgic design spot-on is largely down to your knowledge of your target audience. For example, rebranding your skincare product aimed at millennials in a 1980’s style doesn’t quite add up, unless you’re going for a Stranger Things style.

If you can explain your demographic to a design agency, they will be able to produce something on-point. Hopefully, your potential clients won’t be able to get enough.

3. Minimalism

OK, curveball. After offering a brand refresh idea as flashy and eye-catching as the nostalgia trend, you should understand that sometimes that isn’t the best choice. One of the biggest trends for branding in 2022 is set to be the minimalist approach.

In certain sectors, less is definitely more. If you’re planning on a refresh for 2022, it’s essential to understand what your clientele are after and also who you are as a brand before diving in one direction or the other.

Minimalism is visually modern because of the desire consumers have for open spaces, clarity and understanding. A design that incorporates simple typefaces, subtle colour palettes and smooth graphics or icons allows people to focus on what you’re all about whilst cutting out any unnecessary extras.

Minimalist branding is widespread in the cosmetics sector. A clean brand and gentle aesthetic create a product that looks as good in the box as it does on your skin.

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It’s absolutely crucial that you understand how big a decision a brand refresh can be. Building something memorable and innovative can be a daunting process and isn’t for anyone looking for a quick fix.

The benefits of a brand refresh can be the difference between success and failure within incredibly competitive sectors – it shouldn’t be overlooked.

When it comes to branding, it’s something that we relish at Create8. Every project offers us the opportunity to showcase our skills and, of course, to build something unforgettable for a client.

If you are thinking about a much-needed refresh or if you are evaluating the pros and cons, feel free to get in touch, and we will be happy to highlight how we would be able to help. Send us a message, or pick up the phone; we enjoy a good natter and can’t wait to hear from you.

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