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How Manchester became the creative force it is today.

There are few things in this life that we could talk about all day. All things design is a given, of course, but there’s also food, drink, marketing, business, sport, in fact, pretty much anything! But one of our favourite things to natter away about will always be Manchester.

If you haven’t read our blog posts before, you can be forgiven for not realising how passionate we are about our home city. In fact, if you know any Mancunian, you’ll probably already know how much this city means to them. It’s in our blood, and no matter where we are, it’s probably on our minds.

In this blog, we are talking about what it’s like being a design agency with Manchester and elaborate on how this great northern city became a global creative hub. So, without wasting any more time, pack your bags, our kid, we’re going on a mission.

The award-winning locals

It may come as no surprise that much of Manchester’s reputation comes from the businesses that call the city home. When you take a look at the list of residents operating within these city walls, you’ll rapidly understand how successful Manchester has become.

The creative sector accomplishments of Manchester continue to grow, as the city is also home to some of the leading businesses in the fashion industry. With household names such as Boohoo, Missguided and Prettylittlething all calling Manchester their home, you don’t have to look far to stumble over some great creative influence.

Create8 – Manchester Design

When it comes to using a design agency to improve the success of your business, why look any further than Create8? At Create8, we provide a completely bespoke creative service to each of our customers. Meaning every project which leaves HQ is specifically designed for our client and will be full of their personality and style.

What about education?

One of Manchester’s most valued assets is the young people finding their feet within the city. We understand that to flourish in the creative and design sectors; you need to be free-thinking and understand that your creativity knows no boundaries.

Within Manchester, this message is pushed in front of all those leaving university each and every year, with the four universities located within the city hosting around 100,000 students at any one time.

The University of Salford in particular has been highlighted countless times for its tremendous efforts within the creative sector. For example, its School of Arts and Media is home to over 4,000 students who are looking to forge careers in numerous creative industries. Those include Television and Radio, Journalism, Art, Fashion, Design Technology, Music and loads more.

As students from across the world flock to one of our famous universities, they are in for a treat. They’re arriving in some of the greatest creative facilities, with a backing that lives and breathes art, change and individualism. Speaking of that, let’s move on to our next point.

It’s all about the culture

As Tony Wilson very famously said, ‘This is Manchester, we do things differently here.’ And never have more accurate words been spoken. Life within this city is all about embracing the version of you that you want to be. Famed for its hard to dent reputation, Manchester creates its inhabitants in an entirely different way; we are hard to knock down, and when that does happen, we come back far more robust than before.

Individualism is the flavour of the city, from the famed gritty streets of the Northern Quarter to the party ridden Peter Street. People do what makes them happy here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Being happy and knowing yourself goes hand-in-hand with creativity; if you don’t believe us, just give it a try.

The opportunities

It’s difficult to overlook that creative sector opportunities are aplenty in our rainy Northern powerhouse. Since the rise of MediaCity located at Salford Quays, Manchester has seen creative sector giants such as BBC and ITV move within our city walls. The opportunities that come with such huge companies are one of the main benefits of a move up north – let’s be honest, it isn’t the weather.

Can you see how everything links together so perfectly yet? We have a brilliant vibe and great educational settings that help create incredibly talented individuals. Once education is finished, we have huge companies just waiting for the latest talent in sectors such as fashion, broadcasting and technology. Manchester’s creative sector isn’t a one-stop-shop; it’s a whole journey.

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As a design agency, Manchester is unbelievably valuable to us. Being based in a flourishing and immensely creative city means that we can grow and thrive whilst those around us do too, and that’s the goal, right?

At Create8, we have been able to build lasting relationships with other fantastic companies that inhabit our city, which means that we can share knowledge and skills to provide an unrivalled service.

Manchester also provides us with some great candidates to enable our growth as a team; this is a massive part of our ethos as a business as we want to be able to offer everything your business may need from our Stockport HQ. The truth is, this city has been more than a home to us; it’s been a helping hand when times are hard and a pat on the back when we’re doing well.

If anything in this blog interests you or if you want to speak to us about collaborating on a project for your business, follow the link below. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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