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Those among us who haven’t heard of WooCommerce, fear not! For you are not alone. Allow us to explain; WooCommerce is an E-commerce plugin, or shopping cart system, for all WordPress websites. After its launch in 2011, it quickly became a favourite amongst online traders and is now responsible for powering over 30% of all e-commerce websites. WooCommerce is undoubtedly the world’s go-to shopping cart, and trust us when we say there are hundreds of reasons why. Instead of the hundreds, here are our top five features.

So Fresh, So Clean

From day one, WooCommerce did exactly what it needed to, and truth be told it still does. It captured the hearts of budding entrepreneurs who, due to a lack of resources, are running their entire operation. People who are in control of their online presence but don’t have much experience when it comes to the online world. WooCommerce offers those who have elected to build a WordPress website, a fully customisable interface that’s clean and cuts out all the confusion that could arise. Quite simply, WooCommerce is a beginners guide to e-commerce and believe us, it’s good.


We could write a whole blog about WooCommerce extensions, and maybe that’s for another day, but the fact that WooCommerce has so many plugins to offer is more than a good enough reason to make our top 5. So what can you expect from an extension? Sales. Trustpulse for example, allows you to highlight to prospective customers the decisions other customers are making or have made previously. FOMO plays a big part in online purchasing, and this extension allows you to increase sales by nudging those on your website in the direction of a certain product. Then, on the other hand, there’s the LiveChat extension which allows you to make contact with your potential customers before they leave your site with their cart still piled high with products. Both are brilliant, and they are just two of hundreds of extensions on offer.


WooCommerce is brilliant because you can do it all yourself; with Elementor Pro you are in complete control to alter the feel of your online shop and let’s be honest, the default product page doesn’t really get you jumping for joy does it? The beauty of Elementor is that it creates a single product page that can be tailored towards certain items, styles or offers. And if you are looking to save time and you like your finished product page, you can easily roll that design out across your whole site.


As a design agency, compatibility can be a genuinely sticky issue, so maybe this point is purely for us. But, because WooCommerce is a plugin, it is immediately compatible with all WordPress themes, therefore saving the experts a lot of hassle and making life easy for the less technologically savvy.

No WooCommerce transaction fees

The real beauty of WooCommerce is…that it’s free! Hold on though, that being said, you’ll have the costs of hosting and domain name purchases etc. However as a programme WooCommerce operates as a free plugin, and the best things in life are indeed free. What we love is that once you’ve tried WooCommerce, you understand the hype around the words ‘top e-commerce provider’. We promise you, dive-in today and you’ll never look back!