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When it comes to competitive nature, it’s the lifeblood of a sports nutrition brand. To build a brand that’s successful and stands the test of time can be difficult, but you didn’t come this far only to come this far. As a creative agency who has worked within the sector, let’s discuss some tips and tricks we’ve learnt along the way.

Whether it’s a new creative route for your company, a brand refresh or the creation of an entirely new brand, get all your expectations in line and address the challenges you may face along the way. In an industry where aesthetics and publicised outcomes dominate the sales; having a branding and marketing strategy is the only way you can expect success. Think of the nature of those buying your products; they are people looking for calculated results and planning is part of their process.

Getting your design in shape 🖊️

Making sure your brand is the most powerful on the shelves, the sports and nutrition sector loves clean and clear products. Successful brands often focus on eye-catching colours which appear more appealing online for their logos and labelling, set against a monochromatic background. Standing out in this competitive sector will be the key to sales, so let’s get it right from the start.

Tell us the secrets to success 🤫

Along with every brilliant nutrition brand comes a host of success stories. The information your product displays should be the information that matters to the potential customer. What makes your product unique and how it will support growth and development are absolutely pivotal in a sector that’s always seeking answers.

In the health and nutrition sector, it’s important that your product allows each potential customer to read and digest the nutritional benefits of your product quickly. Honesty and integrity are critical factors in the wording on your product packaging. You should reinforce these facts and amounts time-and-time-again throughout your marketing and branding.

It’s you and the environment 🌱

When building a sports nutrition brand, it’s important that your brand acts and conducts its business in an environmentally friendly manner. Although global warming is a worrying issue across the business world, the health and nutrition sector is an industry that offers wholesome and often organic produce. Doing damage to the environment by using non-recyclable plastics would be a massive no-no. Thinking smart while your brand is in its infancy is the key to keeping it at the apogee once you reach it.

050. Why You Should Consider Eco-Packaging (Opinion)

Product variance 😮

For your sports nutrition brand, having a strategy from day one will allow your company to go from strength-to-strength seamlessly and smoothly. Within the sports and nutrition sector, product variance is an essential part of a strategy; different products mean various design specs and market placements. As a design agency, we would make sure your sachet based products look and feel in unison with your tub based products. Your identity is crucial, and that is inclusive of all the products you offer.

Why not work alongside a design and marketing agency who know the industry itself and have prior knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. As a stand-alone marketplace, it is incredibly competitive and requires a lot of thought, hard work and technical expertise for your brand to be a success.

To see some of our previous health and nutrition, based work head over to the links below. Let us know what you think and if you have a project and you’re looking for sector experts, look no further than Create8.

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If you need any advice for your new sports supplement brand, check out the blogs below and send us a message or give us a call, our branding and marketing team in Manchester is ready to help!