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When it comes to branding your product, the packaging of your final design speaks volumes about the overall perception of your company. Packaging is more than just a practical tool, but also a final chance for you to hammer home the key colours, concepts, and vibe of your entire product.

Get it right, and your business is set up for life. If we suggested ‘the Yellow M’ to you, chances are you would know which popular fast food chain we’re referring to. Over time, the branding of many companies has become so synonymous with the corporation itself, an abbreviated version can be used – such as ‘Google’ using just a ‘G’ but in their trademark font and colour. So how should your packaging look? And how can you ensure that the design of your product maximises sales?

How to make your packaging stand out!

The finer details

If you’re creating packaging for food, beverages, dietary supplements, cosmetics, or pharmaceutical, you’ll need to follow a long list of guidelines from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The product’s net weight must appear in the lower 30 percent of the front panel, in bold type, at a letter height determined by the package’s dimensions, measured by the size of a lower-case letter o (unless all upper case letters are used), and separated from other text by its overall height on all four sides. There are many, many stipulations like this. So it’s worth checking these before you set about designing your product.

Give users the ‘Wow Factor’

Reports suggest that when you remove an iPhone from a simple white box, that small pause as the lid slowly slides off is all part of the plan. Apple designed each box with the optimum amount of air, meaning a suction-type effect has occurred within the product, not allowing users to remove the lid any faster than the ideal number of seconds. This was done to create that ‘tah-dah’ moment when the lid finally comes off and they see their new product. Whilst this is genius from Apple, there is no reason why the packaging of your own product can’t contain a similar USP – so get creative and to wow your audience!


Originality, character and memorability are at the heart of great brands and great packaging designs. It’s easy to understand why – there are hundreds of products out there, all competing for consumers’ attention. The only way to set your brand apart is to be different, to be authentic. Because this is truly a matter of creativity and exploration, it’s impossible to give advice on how to “be authentic,” especially when people are faced with myriad of brands, looks and appeals daily.


Practicality deals with the actual shape, size and functionality of a product container, not just the label or wrap. The more practical the product, the more sales it gets – when Heinz turned the ketchup bottle upside down, sales skyrocketed. Practicality is the most overlooked aspect of packaging design, simply because clients often pick the “tried and true” route which is a lost opportunity for innovation. But if you get lucky and do get a chance to design the next bottle, box or a cup, always think practicality first – or in most cases, how you can make the product easier to use, carry or store. Practicality alone can solve many of the packaging design challenges.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your packaging design, our packaging designers in Manchester are always available to chat about your next project.