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Thinking outside and inside the box, why packaging needs to be eco-friendly.

Over the past decade, the items we purchase online have snowballed and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. The online marketplace has become a free-for-all when it comes to innovative marketing campaigns and competing for catching the eye of their next customer. As a design agency, not only do we like to consider the visual designs for marketing campaigns but there’s something a little less flashy that we also like to perfect. Packaging! Those bags and boxes you get delivered weekly. The online marketplace may be saturated, but it’s the packaging that’s taking over our homes and then subsequently the recycling centres and tips.

Let’s address the issue, global warming and climate change is on the minds of everyone (we hope!) and the realisation of our constant wastefulness is slowly hitting home. As some businesses follow suit and are aiming to do all they can to prove their corporate responsibility, it has opened the minds of the creative agencies out there. Winning the eco war whilst remaining memorable has become an increasingly valuable part of marketing for businesses. No longer is simply putting a charge on a plastic bag good enough when it comes to the B2C sector, and this is largely because an increasing amount of our shopping is being done online.

It seems like forever since we opened a grossly oversized box when receiving one of our countless online panic purchases, and had to scramble through an almost never-ending amount of those little foam waves. This is because companies are starting to take themselves a little more seriously when it comes to climate change. Although, you can now get those curls made out of potato starch, eco-friendly and possibly delicious? Different industries and sectors have found themselves embracing varying methods of packaging up those vast online orders. The cosmetics and beauty industry, in particular, has been taken over by bioplastic pouches, which are biodegradable in the long run and look just as aesthetically pleasing.


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So what industries are causing the most problems? It’s quite an easy question when it comes to recycling, the food and drink industry will almost always dominate the facts and figures, there are numerous reasons for this. Many products within the sector adopt a multi-layered package, meaning that multiple materials are mixed together to create a package which will keep the edibles suitably fresh, this mixture of materials is ultimately not recyclable as they would need to be separated. Paper straws may be a good first step, but often the other packaging is far from perfect. Then there’s the frequency these products are purchased and the lifespan; these are the reasons we have a long way to go when it comes to fully reducing our carbon footprint.


Could your business make a difference, and if so should it? It is easy for us to suggest looking for a design and marketing agency who put your business at the forefront of technology, and include being responsible for your role in the war against climate change, as we are one of those companies! But…we say it because we truly believe it! In a world where brand recognition and social responsibility go hand-in-hand due to our ever-growing reliance on social media. We believe the way your company is viewed online is pivotal to brand success. Yes there are ways to cut corners, and yes, sometimes we do come across businesses willing to make sacrifices purely for a quick buck, but when painting the bigger picture of a responsible and well-respected company, we always put value on the more intricate details, from design to packaging. I suppose it would be fair to say we really do believe that the best things come in small packages.