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As January draws to a close, we wanted to let you in on a secret. Well, technically, it’s more of a 2021 agenda, our 2021 plans. When we look back on the last 12 months, it’s difficult not to smile, even if just a little. As a business, we’ve weathered a storm and we’re proud of each and every project we helped launch along the way. So, back to this agenda…

Let’s talk about our plans for this year. We wanted to offer an insight into where we see the Create8 ship heading in 2021 and how the lessons of last year will guide our way. So let’s jump in at the deep end, our 2021 plans.

Account manager 🤝

If you follow Create8 on social media, you may have noticed that recently we’ve been on a bit of a hiring spree. As the business grows, we need to be able to facilitate the best level of service for our clients. To provide this, we have re-structured the business slightly. By adding an ‘Account Manager’ to the Create8 team, each of our repeat clients now has a personal contact. Someone who knows your business and can offer innovative Create8 style solutions. Cool right?

Growth and marketing 👌

When it comes to branding and marketing, we love a challenge, our track record speaks for itself. However, 2020 highlighted to us that we don’t always know how best to market ourselves.

Because of the variety of digital solutions we offer and the wide knowledge of our team, Create8 doesn’t fall into one bracket. This means marketing multiple sectors and skills at once. This year you can expect lots of departmental growth from us as well as the marketing and exploration of additional services. Keep your eyes peeled, or else you might miss it. On second thought, you definitely won’t.

Training and support 🤓

This year we will be expanding our team so we can help more businesses. In doing so, we don’t want to lose our identity as a great employer.

We will be working twice as hard in 2021 on providing extra training. That way our staff can add more strings to their bows and sharpen their tools. More staff, with more skills for your business to benefit from. But also, for their self-development too. Win-win.

With 2021 comes HOPE 🙏

The final part of our 2021 plans have hope blossoming at their core.

Just before lockdown 1.0 hit, we had just moved into a fantastic new office space. Being based right in the centre of Stockport as we had always dreamed, was cut incredibly short.

We are talking just a few weeks of work before the lights were turned off and we headed home. So, through gritted teeth, (and we are constantly checking our shoulders as we say this because we don’t want to curse anything) we hope we can get back into the office. Soon would be brilliant of course, but any time this year would be amazing. See what we did there? Toned down the optimism with a splash of realism. Fingers crossed.

Welcome to the team 🖐️

Finally, and somehow even more optimistically! We have a few new faces working under the roof at Create8. Although at the moment, they are working under their own roofs. The communication within the team has been pretty awesome to be fair, and we can see it going from strength to strength, kinda like United since Fernandes.

Up to now, it’s been a flurry of Zoom calls, with mischievous cats and lovable dogs in the background. But, we would love to be able to gather the team in one place. Well, in fact, in Frank Gallagher style, Manc through and through, we’d like a parrrty. An office one, civilised of course, a couple of shandy’s nothing more. Ye, right. Here’s hoping for our 2021 Christmas do!

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As we plan and scope out what we think 2021 will look like for Create8, we want to say a massive, no a HUGE, thank you to all of our clients for all you have done for us as a business in the last year. We wish you all every success for this one, let’s make this happen, lockdown or not. Cheers.

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