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Shopify Updates 2023

Shopify is set to introduce over 100 new product updates to its arsenal this winter! These updates will help businesses manage their Shopify eCommerce stores more effectively and boost their online sales in 2023 and beyond.

Shopify is widely regarded as one of the greatest eCommerce platforms on the market. And with its easy-to-learn interface, affordable plans, and a huge array of features for customising your online store, it’s easy to see why.

At Create8, we believe that Shopify is one of the best eCommerce website builders out there – that’s why we’re Shopify Partners!

So, when we heard that Shopify was announcing details of its winter release, we were really excited to find out more about what’s coming to the platform. We can’t wait to use these new features as part of our Shopify web design process!

15 exciting new Shopify features coming in 2023

You can geek out on all the details of the latest Shopify winter release by reading the full report in the Shopify Editions Winter ’23 publication. Since it’s quite a lengthy read we’ve summarised 15 of the most exciting highlights for you here.

Welcome to Shopify email displayed on a smartphoneNew Shopify features to improve conversion rates

If you own a Shopify store, chances are your favourite updates will be those that improve user experience (UX) because they’re the most likely to boost conversion rates and make you more money! 

Here are some details on a handful of the updates that we believe will be most valuable to you.

Faster speeds

Shopify’s new and improved global infrastructure could see Shopify stores loading twice as fast as they did previously!

One-page checkout

Changes to Shopify’s checkout process will mean customers can complete their checkout on just one page. Reducing the number of fields on the page and the number of clicks required to checkout will make the process faster and simpler and improve conversion rates.

Drag-and-drop checkout editor

It’s not just customers that will benefit from Shopify’s checkout updates. Other new checkout features coming soon include an easy-to-use drag-and-drop checkout editor for eCommerce shop owners using Shopify Plus. This will allow businesses to customise the appearance of their checkout page and install checkout apps to improve functionality.


The metaobjects update will allow merchants to add engaging, customisable content to their online store directly within the online store editor. This will make it easy to add features like shoppable galleries, cart upsells, and product highlights throughout your Shopify store to encourage more engagement and conversions.

Product bundles

A new Shopify Product Bundles app, primarily aimed at businesses in the food and drink and health and beauty industries, will allow merchants to give customers the option to create their own product bundles. You can sign up for early access to this feature here.

bundle of wine and food products that can be added to Shopify storesIntegrated AI

There is currently a great deal of excitement surrounding AI-generated content and its potential to revolutionise the way we work. If you’re a Shopify store owner and struggle with writing content for your website, you’ll soon be able to use integrated AI technology (Shopify Magic) to auto-generate unique product descriptions that are optimised for search engines.

New discount apps

Shopify is introducing a range of new discount apps, allowing merchants to offer customers a greater variety of discount codes and the option to use multiple discounts on one order. Shopify Functions will also provide shop owners with the opportunity to build their own custom discount app.

New Shopify feature for selling across different channels

To stay competitive in today’s marketplace, most businesses need to take a multi-channel approach. In 2023, Shopify is launching a selection of updates to its features that will help eCommerce store owners to easily integrate and manage all of their sales channels.

Sync and sell on YouTube

If your business is active on YouTube or your products lend themselves well to video demonstrations or tutorials, then this new update will help you to connect your store to YouTube to start selling your products on the platform.

New Shopify features for international sellers

To benefit businesses that sell internationally or plan to do so in the future, Shopify is releasing several new updates to help its customers reach new global markets. 

Translate and Adapt app

Shopify’s new Translate and Adapt app could be a game changer for businesses that sell internationally. The app will engage more customers by translating text on your Shopify build into other languages and displaying targeted content based on the country your website visitors are located in. 

Shopify updates to the new B2B on Shopify service

Despite B2B Shopify launching just six months ago, Shopify is already introducing dozens of improvements to the Shopify Plus feature. 

Quantity rules

Shopify Plus sellers will be able to set up minimum and maximum order quantities for the products they sell and set unique rules for different customers.

Checkout to draft

B2B customers will be able to checkout to draft, allowing the seller to review and approve the order before it’s finalised to help streamline the order process. Customers will also be given the option to request a quote on an order online.

Man using credit card to complete a purchase onlineNew Shopify features to help you find and engage customers

Shopify’s latest release will also feature several new and improved tools to help you to market your business and find and engage new and existing customers.

Shopify Collabs

Shopify Collabs is an exciting new app that will connect sellers with relevant creators and influencers who can help with promoting their products and driving more sales.

Capture emails with Shopify Forms

Shopify Forms is a free app that will help sellers to collect information from high-intent shoppers using customisable forms. This data can then be used to grow a marketing list, connect with leads, and convert them into customers.

Marketing automation

Shopify sellers will now have the option to set up and send automated marketing emails to customers who visit their website and browse products or add to basket but leave before checking out. Emailing customers with high buying intent can help to encourage re-engagement and boost conversion rates.

New Shopify features to help you fulfil and deliver customer orders

Shopify’s latest updates will include a selection of new and improved features to help you fulfil your customer’s orders faster and provide them with a reliable and streamlined delivery service.

Reliable and fast delivery

Businesses of all sizes will be able to access Shopify’s fast and reliable logistics services that drive conversion by up to 25%! Using Shopify’s network of over 20 distribution hubs and fulfilment centres will help sellers to build trust with their customers by displaying fast and reliable delivery dates on their storefronts.

aerial view of lorries waiting in a carparkWhilst these are our favourite 15 updates coming to Shopify this year, this is by no means an exhaustive list, there are plenty more changes coming that could help to boost your business’s performance in 2023.

Our favourite updates primarily focus on how you can improve user experience (UX) to achieve a higher conversion rate. It’s worth mentioning though that Shopify is also bringing in a whole host of updates that focus on making the seller’s life easier too. These changes include the introduction of more granular permissions, better automation for tasks and processes, more prominent alert notifications, data analysis tools, and improved reporting.

Get help updating your Shopify store

Here at Create8, we’re Shopify Partners well-versed in Shopify web design. We build beautiful, bespoke online stores with user experience (UX) at the forefront.

If you want to find out more about the Shopify winter release and how it can elevate your online store, get in touch with our team to start your project today!