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We asked Alex about four quick questions to give you some security tips!

Internet Security Tips 2019

How can you make sure your website is secure?

  • Choose a secure server, don’t just opt for the cheapest version
  • Make sure to keep your website updated if it uses a CMS (Content Management System)
  • Update any plugins / software versions to the latest available

What advice would you give to people when setting usernames and passwords? 

Choose a random username and a password that contains uncommon characters, such as: ‘$’ or ‘%’, if possible.

What’s the difference between having your website secure and not?

If there’s no line of defence on your website, you will be vulnerable to any attacks off the internet. If your website is on Google, you will always be at risk if you don’t have any security on your website.

Give me one top website security tip?

ALWAYS make sure your login details don’t contain the word ‘Admin’ or ‘Administrator’ as this will be the first username hackers/bots look out for.

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