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Integrating Social Media with your website

Should you integrate your social media with your website?

Integrating your social media always seems like a fantastic idea when you start developing your website. Why wouldn’t you want the world to know you have 5 social media accounts set up for your business…

There’s an important question to ask before you do this; are you active on all these accounts?

If a client visits these social media pages, are they greeted with content from 3 years ago stating “have a lovely Christmas 2016 from all the staff” I’d recommend not linking to these social media accounts? Link to your most active accounts, i.e the ones you check daily or weekly.

As the fresh content starts to come in from these accounts, it starts to populate your website with this content. This means when Google crawls through your website it picks up on the fact that you are regularly updating it and it may boost your rankings.

In short, only integrate the social media accounts you are actually active on.


How to integrate social media

Now we all want to know how to integrate social media with your website, first of all, find out what your website is built on.

Here is a list of guides depending on what your site is built on.

Advice on how to promote your business on social media

We all know how confusing social media can be and we completely understand how much of a minefield the websites are, we would advise watching Gary Vee’s recent video on How to Promote your business on social media in 2019 from his London Keynote.



If you are still struggling to integrate social media with your website, please feel free to contact our Web Design in Manchester team.