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We’ve interviewed our newest team member, Sam Morris, to ask him about his web design style.

Sam is a Web Developer/Designer with years of experience in the field, as well as experience with freelance projects.

Our New Web Developer

What was your background before joining Create 8?

I have worked in a range of environments with varying skillsets which helps me to see design from multiple different perspectives, from web design to print design.

How long have you been in the design industry?

I have worked in the design industry for the 11 years with a focus mainly on web design and more recently print design. I have always enjoyed design, I like making things look pretty.

What projects have you been involved on in the past?

I have worked on many different projects from charities, events, e-commerce, weddings, holidays, lead generation and more. I think having a varied portfolio is great, it gives you the opportunity to try new design styles / technology and you never get stuck on a one way design street.

What’s your favourite part of building a website?

My favourite part of building a website has to be watching it transform from just a bit of code on a screen to a fully functionally website. If I had to pick a specific area of web design I enjoy it has to be CSS because you can do almost anything with it.

Do you prefer redesigning an existing website or starting from scratch?

I prefer designing a website from scratch so your eyes are not tainted by past designs, which allows you to design something unique and fresh. However, I also enjoy the redesign of websites, for example giving an old website a new lease of life is always a good feeling.

Here’s some websites Sam has developed / worked on: