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2021 will be a year in business like no other, as companies across the globe set their sights on recovery, growth and development. It will be those who think outside the box who see significant regeneration.

When it comes to being an innovative business, it isn’t always the futuristic advances that bring the most success. For example, this year, email marketing is about to make the biggest comeback since Micheal Jordan. Expect your inbox to be filled with mellow tones and positive messages, and if your business isn’t tapping into email marketing, you’ll be missing out.

We’re looking at the best Shopify email marketing tools. So if you don’t know already, get prepared for a valuable and digestible chunk of Create8 advice.

Why Email Marketing?

There are countless benefits for you to reap when it comes to email marketing, but they don’t come without the know-how. Whether you are looking at exciting your clients with new releases or aiming to drive repeat business, the answer to both is email marketing.

Reaching out to your mailing list is more beneficial than you think. You can’t put a value on brand recognition. Seeing your name or logo pop up in their inbox reminds your customers of your brand and reinvigorates any memories and feelings they have about your business and products. When people are thinking about you, you’re winning. So, keep showing your face, saying hi and giving great advice.

What makes it so popular?

The beauty of email marketing is not only that it is relatively cheap to do, but it’s also pretty easy with Shopify integrations, of course, some email marketing tools are better than others.

You need a versatile plug-in, they all offer different and malleable features. Choosing the right one for you and your website will increase the success of your email marketing campaigns.

So, we know what you’re thinking, which are the best? Well, with our experience building and maintaining Shopify websites, we have had to research quite a few email marketing integrations, so you don’t have to.

Below are our top 5 and the reasons why each makes our list!

1 – Klaviyo

Klaviyo waste no time on their website before declaring Shopify shops that use their integration make $85 for every dollar they spend on Klaviyo. Many of the other entrants to the list don’t give us a figure, that’s a potential return on investment you can’t argue with.

It’s beautifully easy to integrate and the templates are incredibly flexible and moldable. That’s the first box ticked. However, the true beauty of Klaviyo is their CRM, you’re given brilliant information such as your clients’ purchase history and when they are likely to purchase again. Marketing via email has never been so easy.

2- Omnisend

Ease of integration, Omnisend takes those words and runs with them. A great feature is the email editor, which allows you to link items directly to your store, meaning selling specific products is a dream. Omnisend also offers some excellent conversion and engagement-focused features such as gift boxes and the famous wheel of fortune feature.

3 – GetResponse

GetResponse is one of the most powerful marketing integrations. When you look at the list of features available, there isn’t much competition. We could talk about the capabilities of GetResponse as a programme, but that’s a blog of its own.

As an email marketing tool, you can automatically add recommended products to your emails based on the history of the customers you are targeting, pretty good stuff.

4 – ActiveCampaign

Much like GetResponse, ActiveCampaign is a complete marketing integration tool. With its use of the deep data your Shopify site collects, it has also become an incredible email marketing tool.

You can see the specific movements of every one of your contacts, which makes re-marketing simple. ActiveCampaign is more complex than many competitors; therefore, the information you receive is what you would expect of a super-powered CRM.

5 – Drip

If you are looking to create campaigns that align with the smallest possible actions on your site, then Drip is the integration for you. Drip provides the most simplistic approach of all the integrations with automation. Make them as complex or simplistic as you like!

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When picking the Shopify email marketing tools that works for you, there’s plenty of information available. Use our guide to get your head around some of the options available to you. Then head online and find out a little more. Or… if you are using Create8 for your Shopify web design, we can walk you through the options in a little more depth and highlight how the integration will benefit your website.

If you want to discuss your email marketing or talk about a project, give us a shout. We are always up for talking business.

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