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As the major player in the eCommerce world, Shopify has gathered an impressive list of business users. Here are 10 websites you may not know are built on Shopify stores.

Since first appearing in 2004, it’s been the platform on everyone’s lips. While providing the ‘behind the scenes’ power for some of the world’s busiest eCommerce websites, Shopify quickly became the choice for businesses looking to bridge the gap between offline and online sales.

Long gone are the days of the Shopify platform being the best-kept secret in the online world, and now we have a Shopify stores revolution on our hands. If we are honest, hundreds of websites could have made the grade and easily featured in this list, but we’ve made our choices for a number of reasons.

If you are offering a groundbreaking product to the market, you’ll need a platform that backs up your offering with superb usability. A few of those types of businesses have made the list.

If your business is so huge that it demands safety, security and, of course, the promise always to maintain total functionality, they’ve also made our list. For good measure, we’ve also thrown a few ‘overnight’ sensations into our list purely because we appreciate what Shopify has brought to their sites.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get into our top ten businesses powered by Shopify stores.

1. Heinz

Finding a place to start was incredibly tough, but who doesn’t love beans? In fact, we can’t get enough of all forms of tinned and bottled foods, soups, and tomatoes, and neither can the rest of the world!

Despite being over 150 years old as a business, Heinz battles constantly to continue providing their much-favoured products in a modern way. Shopify was the platform they turned to. The Heinz Shopify store offers all the classic Heinz branding with a splash of brilliant direct-to-consumer product offerings throughout.

2. Pangaia

When a fashion brand rapidly becomes the ‘must be seen in’ among the Hollywood elite, it becomes an overnight sensation, pretty much across the globe. That is exactly what happened where Pangaia is concerned.

As the rich and famous started to embrace their ethical progress towards clean dyes and a hugely reduced carbon footprint, the brand took off. Who was there to power all of that new demand and provide a user-friendly interface? Shopify of course.

3. KKW Beauty

Mrs Kardashian may want to drop the ‘West” in the future, but for now, KKW beauty is a worldwide phenomenon. When KKW beauty launched in 2017, it was set to take over the beauty sector, and their products seemed to instantly sell out constantly.

As is the case when a global celebrity launches a brand, they need a platform that is more than capable of handling the demand. With the potential of thousands of people browsing the site at once when launched, they needed to choose a platform that can handle that and more. KKW Beauty is a Shopify store.

4. Nescafe

Everyone’s favourite coffee brand is another brilliant example of those older heads making the most of the eCommerce boom. ‘It all starts with a Nescafe’ couldn’t be a more accurate tagline as even this blog started with one!

As coffee is a product that will never age, Nescafe understands the benefit of having the world’s most popular eCommerce platform behind them.

5. Sunglass hut

As an international retailer of sunglasses and accessories for our holidays, what other eCommerce platform could Sunglass Hut have chosen?

They chose to go with the most popular option and selected Shopify as their platform of choice.

With over 10,000 employees and a 50th birthday this year, Sunglass Hut is the most prominent player within their sector by some way. The Shopify decision was a safe one, for the usability and purchasing journey of their customers. Shopify stores offered them all the necessary cover for the personal information of customers across the world.

Web Design with Create8

At Create8, we’ve been designing bespoke Shopify stores for as long as we can remember. In that time, we have managed to work with an array of clients, from multinational organisations to the single person sole trader and everything in between.

This means our experience is there to benefit your business should you need a Shopify website of your own. If you are looking for examples of our work, follow the link below, have a scroll around, and see what sparks your interest.

6. Red Bull Shop

Shopify stores gives you wings. Online that’s for sure! If you don’t believe us, just ask Red Bull.

The energy drink creator stroke F1 car sponsors, extreme sports enthusiasts and whatever else they want to do, are also powered by Shopify.

When your product has a versatile global reach, as Redbull does, it’s crucial that your eCommerce site is in safe hands. With Shopify, that is undoubtedly the case. Selling across the world is difficult no matter what sector you operate in, but as Red Bull has shown, having Shopify as your eCommerce platform is a choice that even the most prominent companies make.

7. Skinnydip London

Despite being only ten years old, Skinnydip is one of those companies with growth in their blood. As a business with a diverse offering that ranges from women’s fashion to homeware and edgy accessories, Skinnydip London have to be able to access an audience both far and wide.

With over 100 concessions worldwide, it was essential that the online presence of Skinnydip stood up alongside their retail outlets. Being stocked by online giants such as ASOS means that their own website needs to deliver an extra punch in order for them to compete. They chose Shopify, and the rest is history!

8. Huel

As Huel headed into year six in business, their growth has been nothing short of staggering, and this isn’t the only enviable thing about Huel.

As a group of stand-alone products, they offer something like no other fitness brand, something nutritionally complete with little to no environmental impact.

Huel probably blew up far quicker than Julian Hearn imagined, and to cope with such exponential growth, you need an eCommerce platform that can manage the strain of those hoards of visitors, which is why Shopify is the ideal platform for the nutritional powerhouse.

9. Kylie Cosmetics

When it comes to a flood of traffic, no one creates waves quite like Kylie Jenner. With her Kylie Cosmetics beauty products, the social media superstar drove immense amounts of people towards her website, with products like lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes becoming so sought after that they sold out in a couple of minutes.

With over 250 million followers on Instagram, pretty much anything Kylie does turns into success. The big question is, could any other eCommerce platform have handled the mammoth amount of custom?

10. Gymshark

Saving one of our favourite brands until last was always going to be a logical idea, but we’ve done it because we could pretty much talk about Gymshark as a business until we are blue in the face.

As an apparel provider to all those regular gym enthusiasts, Gymshark rose from a start-up company to one valued at over £1 billion in under ten years.

These incredible numbers are largely down to insight, brilliant strategy and lots of planning. The online business has customers in over 130 countries globally, which speaks of the importance of having the best eCommerce platform on the market. Shopify has been a platform for Gymshark to create a sector defining and globally recognised brand, and that is certainly something special.

Shopify stores are king

If one thing is clear, no matter what sector you operate in, you need an online presence. How good that online presence is will largely dictate your success, or at the very least, prepare you for any success you do have.

Building Shopify stores that are not only capable of matching your growth but are also suitable to provide an incredible user journey is not an easy task. This is why hiring a web design agency to take care of all of the building, implementation, and maintenance is equally important.

When it comes to finding an agency you believe in, it can be a tricky task. At Create8, we are taking that difficult decision out of your hands because you needn’t look any further; you’ve already found us, hey, over here!

Our team of graphic designers, web designers, SEO, social media experts and all-around digital mould breakers come together to provide your business with something unforgettable.

So, what do you need to do next? Well, follow the link below and tell us about your project, or do it the old fashioned way, pick up the phone and let’s chat! We can’t wait to hear from you.

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