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You have your Shopify shop all set up and running but you need a boost to help out with sales, check out our top 5 Shopify apps to help increase sales

Having the perfect website is like catching a unicorn or winning a fight against Floyd Mayweather; it’s almost impossible. But, if you decide to use Shopify for your eCommerce website, you are off to a great start.

When it comes to versatility, credibility and how user-friendly your website is, Shopify is a platform that ticks every box. The sheer number of apps and add-ons available are what make the eCommerce giant the go-to in the world of web development.

In this blog, we are offering you a slice of our Shopify expertise. There are plenty of things we could talk about when it comes to web design, but why not start with the juicy stuff, the info everyone wants to hear. So, here are our top 5 Shopify apps to increase your sales.

01. Back In Stock

Back In Stock does what it says on the tin. It allows your business to send out alerts and updates for products you previously sold out of or new releases. Your alerts are sent to those who have expressed an interest in the products, targeting those who are genuinely interested, driving them to purchase. The interface allows you to send both SMS and email updates and is incredibly flexible in terms of how customisable it is.

02. Yotpo

When it comes to credibility, there is nothing more important in the business world than reviews. Yotpo is pretty much the best review platform available on Shopify. We say ‘pretty much’ because there will always be a debate when it comes to what you’re used to, but if you haven’t used a reviews app before, go for Yotpo.

The on-site widget is easily installed and allows customers to tell others about their experience with great ease. Yotpo also enables the business owner to create brilliant social proof images. So get collecting, get sharing and keep selling.

03. ReCharge

Scaling up your business is the obvious goal for all entrepreneurs and business owners. ReCharge is the application that will help you to achieve this seamlessly and methodically. ReCharge uses analytics to make data-driven suggestions regarding re-subscriptions and drives your customers to commit to your business long-term rather than for one-off sales.

04. Smile Rewards & Loyalty

Who doesn’t want to be rewarded for their loyalty? We love a good reward, and who doesn’t! The beauty of a great loyalty application is that it will increase customer retention within your business.

Returning customers are also more likely to refer your business and or products to others. It’s a win-win; literally, everybody wins with a reward scheme. You give a little to potentially gain a lot. So start rewarding your customers.

05. Wishlist Plus

The numbers prove that those who favourite items spend more money. Wishlist Plus allows potential customers to save and favourite items on your website without actually logging in or signing up to your site.

The application allows the business owner to send email prompts and social campaigns based solely on favourited content. Meaning, you can put the favourite items of your potential customers in front of other shoppers, creating a list of your most sought-after products. Knowing what your customers are looking to purchase can also influence your future strategy and how you move forward with product launches and offerings.

06. (Bonus!) BeProfit Profit Calc & Reports

Do you know your true business profits? If you ask Shopify sellers that question, odds are a lot of them wouldn’t be able to answer it accurately. BeProfit is a Shopify profit calculator app that lets you keep track of your business finance and discover exactly how much you’re making, all in a single, easy-to-use dashboard. The app features the option to create reports, optimize your online advertising efforts, calculate your CLV, and much more.

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You don’t have to read all of our blogs to know that we recommend Shopify! Our experience on the platform allows us to create fabulous bespoke websites for all of our eCommerce clients. If you want to discuss the possibility of working together, let us know. If you’ve come across a Shopify app that you think is brilliant, send a message; we would like to try it out!

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