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Building trust in your brand is something that you should be striving to do every day. Using reviews for your social content is a go-to approach in the world of marketing, and so, here we are, talking about Shopify review apps. In this blog, we’ll run through our top 5 Shopify review tools and help you make an informed choice on which to implement.

There is no more powerful tool than word of mouth. It’s free and customers love to buy things that other people have recommended. Hearing good things about your business from actual customers is substantially more valuable than hearing how great your business is from you.

1 – Loox

Loox is pretty much a shoo-in to take the top spot on any experts list. There are several reasons why this brilliant app reaches the summit of the Create8 rankings.

Firstly the app allows customers to attach images to the review they leave of both your product when it arrived and the item in use. Meaning your customers are creating user-generated content (UGC) for you from the off. UGC is invaluable when it comes to building trust in your brand, so every opportunity counts!

One of the true USP’s of Loox is that it allows you to set email reminders to collect reviews. This kind of integration makes your life as a seller more straightforward; it’s a massive thumbs-up from us.

2 – Yotpo

Yopto is an all-in-one reviews integration tool that offers users the ability to manage all kinds of reviews from one simple interface.

When it comes to standing out from the crowd, Yopto does that by having the ability to capture reviews through Facebook. The application also offers users in-depth analytics and insights, meaning all those analysers can really get their hands dirty. As an official partner of both Facebook and Google, Yopto is a trustworthy marketing reviews platform.

3 – Rivyo

Much like Loox and Yopto, Rivyo is a guarantee when it comes to the lofty heights of any list. Rivyo is functional simplicity at its best. The app is absolutely stand-out when it comes to importing reviews from different places. Whether you have collected your information on an Excel spreadsheet or you want your reviews from AliExpress.

Rivyo is unrivalled when ticking the aesthetic boxes, as the app allows full customisation of widgets. Meaning your branding can remain consistent throughout your review collection process.

4 – Judge.me

Judge.me is an app that focuses on making the business owner’s life much easier. As a Shopify integration, the app allows the user to leave reviews straight from their email inbox, which is hugely beneficial.

Despite being one of the cheaper apps on the market, Judge.me offers an incredibly flexible widget editing software. This means that your branding can flow flawlessly throughout your Shopify store. Looking good sells, so try to keep your branding on-point throughout.

5 – Testimonials & Product Reviews (app)

Last but not least is one of the lesser-known review integration tools. Testimonials and Product Reviews by EVM deserves its mention. At first glance, there are plenty of templates to choose from, saving the headache of designing something yourself.

When it comes to using any EVM product, you know you’re in safe hands. As one of the most prominent players in the Shopify app sector, this product has been designed with all the right things in mind. Usability and flexibility are at the core of this app, meaning you can’t go far wrong.

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