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What a time to be in eCommerce. It has become increasingly evident that being an eCommerce retailer is vital in this day-and-age. More and more smaller, independent retailers are reaching the apogee of their sectors through online sales alone. The simple fact is that at this moment in time, eCommerce is everything, and with eCommerce comes sector domination and sales.

We thought it would be valuable for us, as web designers, to talk about selling on Shopify. It’s one of the best platforms for your eCommerce site, and having your online presence built on Shopify could significantly increase your chances of online success.

In this blog, we want to talk about how you can make your Shopify website sell more! So here we go, come take a virtual walk with us.

Apps, add-ons and plug-ins ➕

So if you’ve used a web designer to create your Shopify website, the chances are you’ve heard one of these terms before. Probably countless times knowing our designers, but there’s a good reason for it. The apps, add-ons or plug-ins whatever you want to call them are what make Shopify such a brilliant web design platform. In simple terms, they are extras that can be integrated into your site to increase its productivity and functionality. The add-ons available within Shopify are easy to manipulate and give your website a helping hand and some cool extra features.

An add-on can be used for anything from handling inventory to rewarding your customers. They can be utilised to drive more sales, and that’s what we all want! When it comes to integrating an add-on you should first read the reviews around the add-on itself. We wouldn’t want to be using something that doesn’t work, would we? Look at any screenshots, images or videos of the add-on at work, this will help you recognise whether or not it does the job you need. You should also make sure the add-on offers customer support. You wouldn’t want to include something on your website if you aren’t helped along the way with some tips on how to use it. That’s unless you’re using a web design agency, in which case we will take care of all of this for you.

Use your reviews ⭐

It’s actually pretty crazy how many times we have come across businesses who don’t collect reviews. And crazier still, the amount who do but don’t use them! Reviews are the key to building potential customer trust. Having someone say positive things about your business or its products is always great, but it’s even more powerful when they have paid and used that product.

Every potential customer touchpoint should highlight your great reviews. From your advertising to the landing pages you drive traffic to. Optimising your website to showcase your reviews is something which is fairly simple within Shopify as there are plenty of add-ons which facilitate this.

Start talking about how good people think you are, it’s much better than talking about how good you think you are.

The more people talking the better! 💬

We have no doubt, especially if you’ve used a web design agency, that your Shopify site looks brilliant. But, if nobody is talking about you, how will anyone know who you are? Affiliate marketing is a great way to drive that much-needed traffic to your Shopify website. Building relationships with affiliates by offering them reward schemes

The add-ons available within Shopify make it easier than ever to reward potential affiliates. Your Shopify website does all the hard work so you don’t have to. Meaning that your affiliates are rewarding quickly and there’s no need for any extra stress on your part.

Digital marketing 🤳

If you are wanting your Shopify site to sell more, the adverts you create externally from the site and the codes and pixels working behind the scenes need to be in tandem. For example, if you are blowing your monthly marketing budget on Facebook ads, but you haven’t implemented the adequate code to catch the demographics of those visiting your Shopify site, you’re wasting both time and money.

Facebook ads and google analytics pixels need to be correctly installed and running smoothly for you to fully understand how productive your advertising campaigns have been. Lucky for you, managing the coding of a Shopify site is a little easier than some of the alternative platforms. We would recommend using a web design agency when it comes to custom coding. The back end of your site is like one of those laser systems you see protecting a vault in a Hollywood film. One wrong move, and it’s goodnight. You can cause far more damage than you would believe.

Leave it to the pros or it could be one step forward and two steps back.

Insert more sales funnels here! 🌪️

‘Yes!’ is the easiest answer when Shopify asks you to link your product catalogue across social media. The integration itself is great and thanks to our helpful friends at Shopify, it’s incredibly easy too. By attaching your product catalogue you are able to tag your products in the posts you upload, which means cross-selling has never been easier.

Design and layout 🖥️

When it comes to selling more through your Shopify website. A lot can be said about the layout and usability of your site itself. Sometimes the most obvious answers are right under our noses. It’s easy to say your website is un-improvable but at the same time, it’s a little bit of a hollow claim.

Look at the obvious and address it. Then, get someone else to address it. Then, guess what…get someone else… If multiple people find your website usable then guess what, it probably is. But once one person finds even the smallest snag, look into it. Because you need Shopify perfection!

Two of the most common problems we find when rebuilding Shopify websites are either the user journey of the website itself is fragmented and confusing. Meaning that visitors never make it to the checkout process. Or, there are no clear ‘call to actions’. CTA’s are valuable, potential customers don’t want to be looking forever to find the all-important ‘buy’ button. An online purchase is often fairly, spur-of-the-moment so make sure you have a big bold button, saying ‘buy now’ or ‘you need this product’!

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We love Shopify websites. As a creative web design agency, our aim is to provide the most complete service possible for all of our clients and potential customers. Shopify is undoubtedly one of the best platforms for us to be able to offer that level of service. When it comes to web design projects we always welcome a challenge, and wholly enjoy working towards a solution for the most difficult problems. We also take-on any form of website rebuild job. So if you’re looking for a fresh start, a versatile home for your new business or a clean-up of what you already have, get in touch with us today.

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