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Choosing your fonts is not as easy as A B C, you need to consider how they will work on multiple files, prints, social media, your website and so much more.

When running your own business, every decision holds a lot more weight than you would imagine, and fonts make the list! It’s the tiny decisions that make a huge difference when it comes to standing out and succeeding in your sector.

As a branding agency, seeking out the tiniest details and optimising them is what we do. When it comes to your customer-facing branding and graphics, getting things right the first time around can save hard work and headaches in the long term.

In this blog, we are going to look at the wonderful world of fonts and lettering. Guiding you through picking the right fonts for your business and helping you avoid having to make changes later on.

Choices to be made

The truth is there are hundreds of variables that can affect your choice of font. Here are some of the things you should think about before making a decision.

Font size

Anything that’s illegible is useless. You should be brutal. Where your branding is involved, your font must not be offensive. Anything too big or too small could cost you money and time to fix.


An integral part of your branding is how you portray yourself through your text. Some companies select capital letters to emphasise a message, others avoid capitals altogether; this offers a much more simplistic yet effective approach.

Font colour

OK, here’s one we see pop up repeatedly when a business builds its brand without thinking of its long-term aims and objectives.

They create a great logo with typography within the logo or alongside. But, they realise that the colours they have chosen don’t sit nicely on their website’s bright white home screen.

So what now, upload it anyway? Change the logo colours? Change the website? Make sure your type has a few options for colour, you never know what type of background you will be placing your logo or text over.

The font itself

There’s a reason we’ve left the most obvious decision until last. Choosing a font can be tedious, and if you’re indecisive, it could feel like it lasts forever.

There are thousands of brilliant, eye-catching fonts out there. Have a general idea of what you are looking for and allow your graphic design agency to do the hard work. They will have an abundance of knowledge about the uses of your font, saving yourself the headache.

To consider

Choosing a font, size, colour etc. isn’t possible if you fail to take into account the uses of your font itself.

Can it be used on your website?

The use of your selected typeface within your website is integral to your online success. Make sure your font can be used within web designs before you commit.

What are the numbers like?

Here’s something you may not have thought about. What are the numbers like in your selected font? Some typefaces have over-complicated almost indecipherable numbers. Or they could bounce around on a line making your phone number look messy.

You will inevitably have to use numerical values at some point; you don’t want to have to change your fonts for the sake of some numbers.

Last-minute advice

It’ll save you a lot of stress and time if you allow your trusted graphic designer to make the decisions for you. Provide them with a general overview and pass the intricate work on.
If you are doing the whole process yourself, think about using safe typefaces. The overly intricate stuff should be saved for someone else; as pretty as it may look, it isn’t always practical.
When selecting two fonts, make sure they visibly contrast. This way, it will emphasise your message and make it stand out to potential customers.

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