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Packaging design is much more than a nice looking, snug home for your product. A means of keeping fresh things fresh and fragile items well protected. Of course! But the more thought that is given to your packaging design, the more it can be for you and your brand.

Your voice 🗣️

As your product sits lonely on the shelves of a shop, it’s presented with opportunity after opportunity to be selected by a passer-by. But no product will ever drive those much-needed sales if it’s not shouting and screaming about your brand.

Most products out there are pretty fantastic in their own way. Yet we walk past so many daily without thinking about them twice. The packaging for your product is the voice you give it, if all you allow is a whisper then don’t expect to make those sales.

The whole process is driven by two voices; 1. the packaging design should shout and scream for us to buy your product 2. the voice inside our heads that continually reminds us of the noise your packaging made, and how much we really need that product. Those who are successful allow the first to dominate the second and drive long-term sales to their business.

Role in marketing strategy and branding 👀

The role that packaging design plays in brand and marketing strategy should be closely overlooked. Far too often do we come across brands who have worked tirelessly on the way their product looks and feels, to then hide it away in a cardboard box. Don’t do it! Think of that package as a continuation of the product itself.

Protein Bar Packaging Design Mountain Joe'sWe live in the online shopping age and that means more packaging. More packaging should prompt brighter and better packaging designs to stand out from the crowd.

Brand strategy should always include the packaging your product calls home. It is vital to remember that packaging should be an extension of your brand and should evoke emotion. It is also important to remember the un-packaging experience. Which leads us into our next point.

The experience 😍

So, your customer has ordered one of your products online and has watched desperately as the delivery man calls at every other house on their street for the past week. It is essential to remember that the delivery experience is replacing that gratifying shopping experience and needs to create that moment of magic for every customer.

‘Retail therapy’ is now more-commonly done from the comfort of your home, so once that package arrives, it better be good, and it better be ready to be torn to pieces. A packaged product that is difficult to open can sometimes leave a bad impression with the customer. So you should be thinking about making it secure, but also equally accessible. Don’t mess with your customers’ moment of satisfaction, it could affect you in the long term.

Spreading the message 😎

The packaging design of your product is a brilliant way to reinforce the message your brand portrays. For example, if you are a big believer in fighting global warming, then using eco-friendly packaging is one way to strengthen your stance as a brand. Packages also offer a large amount of usually unbranded surface area to use to your advantage as a business.

As a company who specialises in brand strategy, we would love to be involved in your packaging design process. For more information, send us a message, give us a call or pop into our offices for a socially distanced coffee or two.

If you’re looking for examples of our projects, head across to Our Work page to see some great branding and packaging concepts. Our branding team is ready to get started on your next product’s amazing packaging!

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If you need any advice for your next products packaging design, check out the blogs below. Send us a message or give us a call, our branding and marketing team in Manchester is ready to help!