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What’s included in a packaging design project, and how will your business benefit?

As inevitable as the rain in Manchester, your packaging design will drive sales. That is if it’s done well! Just think about some of the great examples across various sectors, the dazzling colours of energy drink brands Monster, Relentless and Rockstar, or the unmistakable yellow of a Selfridges bag.

As shoppers pour back into their favourite shops in the hope of shopping the covid blues of the last two years away, the importance of your packaging is something that simply can’t be overlooked.

So, if the packaging is integral, you aren’t just going to hire anyone to do it, are you? This isn’t a job for Fiverr; it’s something that is going to make or break the success of your products. No cutting corners; you need to find someone who understands you and your business and can align their skills to your brand to build the best project possible.

In this blog, we will talk about what you can expect from a packaging design project with Create8 and how hiring us will benefit your business. So, let’s move swiftly on to the exciting stuff.

Why is packaging design important?

Before heading full-steam into what you’ll get from a Create8 package design project, we thought it would be best to highlight why your packaging is so important.

For a long time, packaging seemed like an afterthought in the branding process: a missed opportunity, a dropped ball and an under-utilised piece of real estate. However, once the mentality of businesses veered towards becoming a household brand, all of that rapidly changed.

The beauty of package design is that your project can represent a whole number of different things. In fact, thinking beyond the ordinary is what will set you apart from the competition. So, what does your packaging need to achieve?

For protection and freshness

It’s important to remember that certain products need packaging to protect them. Think about food and drink products as well as fragile products and produce. Your product won’t make it onto the shelves if it doesn’t stay fresh and intact. However, due to the online shopping phenomena, you also need to think about how your products will be protected in transit.

Capture the eye

One of the most obvious needs for your packaging design is that it must be memorable. As you sit next to your competition on the shelves, what is going to make customers choose you over those around you? Well, good packaging will!

Recreate the shopping experience

As the eCommerce revolution continues to sweep the world and force more high street stores into the abyss Gerard Butler in 300 style, it creates a problematic business scenario. That is that online shoppers want the thrill and enjoyment created by physical shopping recreated as they order online. One of the best ways for brands to build that moment of expectation is to up their packaging game. A box that looks bespoke and feels luxurious creates excitement within the customer as they wait, staring longingly out the window for it to arrive.

Packaging at Create8

At Create8, we specialise in package design projects of the highest standard. Building something that catches the eye and drives sales for your business is what we do, and it’s what you could benefit from if you choose us. Our team of innovative creatives love a challenge and constantly strives to construct a packaging project that is truly unforgettable.

With the experience of working across many sectors and for numerous different types of brands, your project is in safe hands with Create8, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Follow the link below, and you can take a look at some of our recent packaging design jobs. You can browse to see how we work and also request a price for a job of your own. So, what are you waiting for?

What will you get from a Create8 packaging design project?

With every packaging project, we work in a way that puts the focus firmly on the customer. By ensuring that the end-user is the subject of the creation, you will increase your chances of generating repeat sales and creating a lasting memory in the minds of your potential clients.

So, how do we make the project customer-focused?

Packaging research

We pride ourselves on making sure we get the job spot on; to do that, it’s crucial that we research your sector thoroughly. We also find collaboration with your business integral; if we don’t fully understand what makes you stand out and your position in your market, we will never be able to create something mind-blowing.

Product placement

Understanding your brand strategy and where you will sell your products is vital to the packaging design process. Some items are made specifically to capture the attention on the shelves in Tesco (other supermarkets are available), whereas some are intended to be sold solely online. The online-based products will need to be packaged in a way that makes them suitable for shipping, whereas the in-store options need to look clean, slick and gorgeous to drive sales. There’s no hiding behind a filter in the supermarket, unfortunately.

Graphic design

Without stating the obvious, graphic design is the difference-maker between bland and boring and exciting and eye-catching. Luckily for our clients, this is our bread-and-butter! With a team of graphic designers with plenty of talent and innovation up their sleeves, we’ve more than got you covered. At Create8, we enjoy bouncing a project around the team and seeing what different opinions and ideas we can generate; therefore, our clients benefit from the skills of the whole group rather than just one designer.

Design concepts

Following on from the brilliant graphic design support you receive is a selection of different design concepts. We need to understand in what direction the client sees the project developing, and the collaboration in the design concepts process benefits the project in the long run.


We understand the added value of a product with sustainability at its core. As an agency, we champion environmentally friendly design when and where possible. If you aim to become a massive player within your sector, you must think long-term from the off. Being sustainable from day one and doing your utmost to minimise your carbon footprint will put you in an advantageous position and is something we will undoubtedly help you achieve.


At Create8, we make sure that all of our packaging design work demonstrates extensibility. We see your business at the very pinnacle of your powers; therefore, we help you picture where you will be rather than where you are currently. By designing with this in mind, we ensure that your growth will not cause any problems to your packaging design.

Honesty and knowledge

Being informative and honest shouldn’t need to be stated as something you receive. Unfortunately, as some businesses don’t value their customers similarly, we will declare it anyway. When you choose Create8, not only will we be honest with you and share our opinions and knowledge with you, but we will also ensure that you do likewise.

When it comes to package design, honesty is always the best policy. Potential customers can spot a lie with their eyes closed, well, not literally, but you get the point. Be honest and tell those who are looking at your packaging precisely what they want to hear. The first question you answer with your packaging should be, “why would someone not buy us?” If you can answer this, you create more reasons why people should and, in turn, will generate more sales.

Top Tip: Never jump into a design project just because something sounds good or cheap. Make sure you conduct your research and have a conversion with the design agency so you can judge whether they truly understand your business and project.

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When it comes to packaging design, there are lots of things to think about. However, with an agency by your side, you can cut through the complicated stuff like a knife through butter. Now you’ve finished this blog; you’ll understand what you get when you choose Create8 to be your packaging design agency. So, we implore you, don’t accept any less! Your brand deserves the best, and an agency is willing to give you just that!

If you want to learn more about packaging design, or you want to see how the workflow progresses when you hire us, you can follow the link below and visit our website. There is also lots of helpful information, including FAQs and examples of previous packaging design jobs. So, you know it makes sense.

If anything catches your eye, send a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We can’t wait to hear all about you, your brand and the project you have planned.

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