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If you’re involved in the business world, or you like to keep your finger on the pulse. The chances are you’ve probably heard the word ‘brand’ hundreds of times, whether it’s the news talking about Elon Musk and his expansion of everything in the Musk brand. Or your own marketing team, explaining personal brand, brand strategy and employer branding.

If you haven’t read any of our blogs before, we will let you into a secret. At Create8, we are all about branding. We just love to get our hands dirty with a new branding project, no matter the job’s size or scale.

Our brand is something we are incredibly proud of. When there are rough times during the week, looking at what we’ve achieved has the power to perk us up.

In this blog, we’re talking about the Create8 branding flow. Taking you on a journey through how we make every project pop, stand-out on the shelves and win the battle for the public’s attention. In a world where we continue to buy into the brands we believe in; there’s no better time to build something original that speaks to the market.

In a world where you can be anything, be YOU!

What is your brand? 🤔

It would make sense to explain branding for what it is. It’s far too commonplace that a branding project gets mistaken for a logo design job. Branding is much bigger and better than just a logo.

Your brand is everything that you are as a business. Your entire entity, including your logo, of course. When we talk about Gucci as a brand, we mean everything from how they address the public, the content they create, the strategies they deploy, how the product looks, how their staff present themselves, and so on. Your brand is quite literally your entire personality as a business. 

The Branding Flow ✅

With branding projects, it’s beneficial to make sure our clients understand the process from start to finish. Knowledge of the work that goes into a branding job allows customers to plan and strategise for the longterm.

Understanding your brand strategy increases your business’s chances of reaching the lofty heights you daydream about. So here it goes, from step one to global success! 

Scope 👷

At Create8, before we commit to any branding project, we need to understand your vision. With every project, we scope out several varying factors.

Firstly we need to know what you are looking to achieve with your branding project and how you want to achieve it. It’s also essential that we know everything your business stands for and what makes it unique to your potential customers.

The final part of the branding process’s scope section is for us to understand your budget for the project and any important deadlines. We don’t want to put additional costs on the table for a client, which is why we do the legwork at the very start to make sure the job works for everyone.

Research 🤓

Within the branding process, research should be overlooked at your peril. After all, how can we help you to be a brilliant brand if we don’t understand you as a business?

It’s impossible for us to build a brand that people connect with if we know absolutely nothing about those people. Research into your audience is pivotal. Understanding the habits of your target demographic is vital information as a business.

At Create8, this isn’t the only research we do; we also want to know everything about you and your business sector. If we are going to help create a sector defining brand, we need to know what makes you unique and how we can utilise that to capture the potential customer’s attention. We make sure we know all there is to know before leaping into the fun stuff, so your branding project is in the safest of hands.

Design and Develop 🖥️

So, it’s time for the fun to begin. Within the branding process’s design and development stage, we do exactly what it says on the tin!

We get to work, providing your business with the branding design work it requires. At Create8, we are design specialists, and our passion is infectious. We enjoy a project that challenges the constraints of traditional design and pushes the boundaries of archaic branding.  

We start work on the number of quoted hours and begin developing branding ideas ready for your deadline. Our initial branding design work will arrive in a proposal document. This allows you to take a look at our concepts and arrange a meeting to discuss the development of the ideas.

At Create8, we champion collaboration, meaning that we want to hear from you throughout the process. We want to discuss our ideas and understand the thinking behind the branding entirely. 

Refine ✍️

Once the design work is complete, we offer a refining period, where we make any amendments to your project until it’s perfect for you.

Your business’s success is important to us, and we have the same passion and determination for every project that we take on. During the branding proposal’s initial scope phase, we agree on amendments that seem fair for both parties and keep your needs as a business at the forefront of the project.

When it comes to refining a project, making too many changes can significantly detriment any deadlines that have been set. Get your feedback over as soon as you can to ensure the project carries on at the right pace.

Deliver and Grow 📥

Once we have delivered your finished and refined branding project work, we send over your high-quality files for both print and web.


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We aim to provide the best possible support for every client we work with. In short, Create8 wants to be by your side in the long run.

It’s important to remember when it comes to branding projects; a long-term relationship can be highly beneficial for a business. Having worked with your company, and going through the research phase, we understand what it means to you.

A lot of our branding projects do include future support, whether that involves us helping you with your website’s maintenance or if we’ve agreed to provide a content package for your business. The branding possibilities are endless, and we want your journey to be a fruitful and enjoyable one.

Joining you on your journey is the most exciting thing about building a brand.

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What’s next for your business? 🔮

Well, we are guessing you’re interested in a Create8 brand package? Or, maybe you’re here for some light branding-related reading!

Either way, we would love to hear from you! We understand that branding jobs can be confusing, time-consuming and long-winded but that’s what we’re here for!

We have time for anyone wanting to know a little more about us and what makes us unique. Building relationships with clients and businesses across the country is important to us. We are all ears if you want to chat about anything mentioned in this or any blog.

Get in touch and we can discuss the possibilities of working together. At Create8, we relish a project that will push the boundaries and build something truly spectacular, especially when it comes to branding. 

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