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Trends influence every aspect of day-to-day life. From global issues like climate change to the hottest new clothing brand on the block, trends dictate the buying decisions of the masses and affect how people interact with their surroundings. 

How do trends come about? Well, they’re usually a reflection of social or cultural change within a particular demographic. Consumers engage with change because it keeps things fun, fresh and exciting. So, when something edgy comes along – something that’s never been seen before by that audience – it’s likely to gain popularity if it gets the right sort of traction.

Could anyone have imagined that Pokemon would make a return decades after it first conquered the world? Let alone through an interactive app that had adults wandering the streets desperately trying to ‘Catch ‘Em All’…

Pokemon Go trendIn 2016, the Pokemon Go app dropped and it didn’t take long for it to become the next big thing. In fact, the app has been downloaded over a billion times since launch and has even been credited as the beginning of the augmented reality trend that’s still gracing our screens in 2023. 

Stats like that show you’d be foolish to neglect trends in your business. 

Follow Trends to Stay Relevant 

Trends bring mass excitement and brands that fail to engage with them can be seen as boring or overly corporate by their target audience. 

Think back to your brand strategy. We’d be shocked if your main objectives didn’t involve nurturing loyalty and keeping your audience engaged. Well, you’ll be happy to hear that staying up to date with the latest trends can help you do just that!

Whether you’re jumping on the bandwagon by refreshing the UX on your app or website or appealing to those concerned about single-use plastics by switching to eco-packaging, keeping up with trends will help you maintain your market share, and maybe even grow it!

How long should a brand last?

Your brand is your identity. It’s there to let people know who you are and what your business is all about. It should be true to you, but also up to date. brand identity fingerprint

Honestly, it’s hard to say exactly how long a brand should last. Not every brand needs to change right now – it all depends on how your business is performing. 

We understand that turning how your brand looks, sounds and acts on its head is a daunting feat, especially when it comes to trends (which can fall out of fashion as quickly as they become popular). But, your brand is your most valuable asset and continuously meeting the needs of consumers is what helps it stay on top.

At Create8, we’re branding specialists so we’re well-equipped to elevate your business above the competition. Whether you’re looking to rebrand something existing or you need to build a brand from the bottom up, we’re here to help! 

We have the experience and know-how to create something that really works for you. Check out our branding case studies and get in touch today. Let’s position your brand exactly where it needs to be. 

When is it time to rebrand my business?

Let’s take a look at some of the telltale signs it’s time to rebrand your business. 

4 Reasons to Rebrand

1. Your Brand is Outdated

It’s not necessary to change your branding every time a new trend shows its face. But, you might want to take a step back and look at your brand every few years to make sure its elements haven’t fallen completely out of fashion. 

Check out new fonts, current colours and on-trend tones of voice to see what might appeal to the audience of today. But beware of trends that come and go – timelessness is always in, so you need to find the optimum balance between being trendy and holding up for years to come.

brand up to dateLet’s face it, though, outdated branding is harming your business. It demonstrates a lack of care to your audience and tells them you’re not bothered about being out of touch. And if your visual design or tone of voice are old and clunky, what does that say about your business practices, products and services?

2. Your Brand is Boring

Does your brand blend in or stand out in your industry? Because funnily enough… not following trends is now on-trend! 

In the last 10 years, we’ve seen a huge increase in disruptor brands, brands that go against the grain of their sector and find new ways of communicating with the people of today. Think Uber, Monzo and BrewDog – they decided to switch things up and now they’re market leaders.

Rather than making use of the same old colour palettes and traditional ways of communicating, disruptor brands make their mark with the shock factor. Perhaps they’ve gone for a techy font and a personable voice in a market filled with stuffy brands that all use the same shade of blue. Or maybe they’re brand values are 100% eco in a sector traditionally associated with pollution. 

eco brand up to dateWhatever they’re doing, it’s working. Through their branding, they’ve changed the status quo and become memorable in the process. Clearly, not everyone needs to fit in…

3. Your Brand has Grown

As your business branches out, grows or takes on new sectors, your branding should change with it. Things that work for B2C, for example, might not translate for B2B, and what goes down well in one sector may put off consumers in another. 

It’s okay to think fondly back to your days as a start-up and thank your current branding for getting you to where you are today. But staying attached can be really detrimental. 

If your budget has grown, your branding should reflect that. Now you can afford to hire a digital design agency to make you really pop! And if you were once small and family-run but business has since boomed, it’s probably time for branding that’s a little more polished.

If your overall business strategy has changed, your branding should keep up. And don’t forget – rebranding helps to assist growth as well as embrace it!

4. Your Values have Changed

Brand values are the foundational beliefs of your company, so it’s only natural for them to evolve with your business – and the times!

It’s 2023 and almost every market out there is saturated. This means it’s become increasingly important for businesses to trigger emotional responses from their target audience. To do that, they must have a purpose – a mission, a vision and values. 

2023 new brandsAs Gen Z, the consumers of tomorrow, increasingly influence buying patterns, brands are realising just how important it is to understand what excites and motivates them. Transparency, the environment, even mental health – these are some of the brand values that have gained traction in the last few years. And honestly? We think they’re here to stay. 

When your customers are aligned with your values, they’re far more likely to be loyal. Loyalty means higher retention rates, repeat custom and cyclical growth. That’s why it’s vital to ensure your brand identity reflects exactly what you stand for. 

Rebrand Packages at Create8 

Quality, up-to-date and emotive branding is essential to any business. But don’t worry if your brand has fallen behind. Our branding process is thorough and effective, so you’ll be in safe hands if you choose Create8 to assist with the rebrand of your business. 

Give us a call or drop us an email today to hear about all of the ways we can help you take your sector by storm. 

Not every business needs to rebrand. But it’s still important to engage with trends in other ways if you want to stay fresh and attract more customers. 

Social media platforms allow brands to connect directly with consumers, whether that’s through brand storytelling, promoting a product or following a trend. And the great thing about social media trends is: they’re user-led, so super relevant.

As long as you don’t try too hard to stay ‘hip’ by following every trend in existence, you can use trends to your advantage and watch your business reap the benefits.


Take influencer marketing, for example. It’s been growing in popularity since the advent of YouTube vloggers back in 2009. Some would say influencers are now their own tier of celebrity and that makes them one of the most powerful tools in your marketing handbook to date. 

It’s important to choose the right influencer for your brand. Who’s following them? What are their principles? It’s in your favour to choose an influencer who’s aligned with your brand values

social media brand influencerIf you get it right, you can watch your sales skyrocket. People like to buy from those who they trust or aspire to be… It’s that simple.


Social media influencers aren’t for every business, but why not try hashtags? 

They work like this: when posting on social media, hashtag the main topic of your post to enable other users to follow the conversation. When enough users on a platform use the same hashtag, it starts trending.

Hashtags are a great way to expand your reach and find consumers who are aligned with your brand values. They can also help you stay relevant, which can only be a good thing so long as you back the right hashtag horse. 

Tik Tok

The clock isn’t ticking for Tik Tok just yet. In fact, the video-sharing app shows no signs of stopping.

Brands are getting really creative with their Tik Tok content to help them stay on top, and they’re appealing to Gen Z in the process. Whether you like it or not, Gen Z are the audience of today and tomorrow.  Filming for Tik Tok on your smartphone may well be worth your while. 

You can use Tik Tok to promote your latest products, shout about your brand values or show off the people behind your business. It’s all about getting consumers on your side…

Speak to a Branding Expert

Whether you’re rebranding your entire business or refreshing your marketing strategy, it’s important for your brand to be flexible when it comes to trends. 

Here at Create8, we’re branding and marketing specialists. We’re in the best position to elevate your brand so that it’s positioned exactly where it needs to be. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch.