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It’s time to start preparing your Black Friday branding.

It’s no secret that Black Friday is one of the most significant online selling opportunities of the year. Millions of shoppers plough through the virtual doors of retailers across the world, all hungry for a bargain, how can you make sure your business gets in on the sales? Well, the answer is preparation.

You may think we are mad talking about Black Friday already, but you should always be looking ahead when planning your marketing strategy. We know the value of great branding and an immersive marketing campaign, and we can’t stress the importance of planning and strategy when it comes to these elements.

So, let us help you with some simple steps to follow and things to think about to make this Black Friday one to remember!

Brand consistency

Before we talk about what we think you should prepare, we need to stress the importance of consistency. All your branding and marketing materials should feel like you this Black Friday. They should align with each other and create a universally consistent approach. For example, if your newly created flyers are black and your online ads are red, you’re going to get lost. People won’t be able to remember your brand and the value you bring, therefore keep everything reasonably similar.

However, consistency doesn’t stop there. It has likely taken you a considerable amount of time to build the brand identity you have today. It takes some businesses years before they are identifiable on a supermarket shelf. So, don’t throw all of that away for one day worth of sales.

Focus your Black Friday branding around your current brand strategy and guidelines. Allow Black Friday to support your brand, not to become your brand.

So, what essentials should you be preparing?

Social headers and social content

Some of the most popular marketing efforts during Black Friday sales are made across social media platforms. Social media is popular for several reasons, mainly because it’s where people congregate. Imagine walking into the city centre and standing in front of thousands of people waving information about your sale, well that’s social media.

Across your social media platforms, you have several methods for free advertising. During Black Friday, you should be utilising these cost-effective methods in an attempt to drive sales to your business.

For example, have your social media headers remained the same for years? Now is the time to get some Black Friday branding into that header! Think about preparing these graphics in advance because the last-minute rush will add stress, and you might miss something, don’t risk making your business look unprofessional.

You also have all that wonderful content that you put out all year round! Whether it’s static imagery or short-form video, there’s always another opportunity for you to feed a slice of Black Friday branding into your social media feed.

Black Friday design prep

At Create8, we pride ourselves on thought-provoking graphic design, which allows our clients to stand out from the crowd.

Content creation is just one of our many talents, and it’s one we take incredibly seriously. So, with Black Friday looming, why not have a look around some of our previous projects, and see how we could help you this November.

Hard copy marketing

We understand that your brand is your baby – watching it grow and develop is incredibly satisfying for any entrepreneur. That’s why we have to continue stressing, don’t neglect the brand you have already.

This is true for any hard copy marketing efforts your business may make this Black Friday. If your company generates leads by sending out flyers, prepare these in advance of Black Friday 2021. Flyers, adverts, posters, these should all be ready to go weeks before the 26th, start planting your brand in peoples mind so they think of you on the day.

You need to consider how to implement your Black Friday offers into your current branding – don’t drown out what you have already built. Highlight offers but keep your brand’s feel and identity the same, don’t overthink the Black Friday terminology; allow it to supplement your brand itself.

Advertising online

In the past few years, businesses have become savvy with when and where they allocate their marketing budget; they understand the value of their brand a little more and are leveraging it well.

Once Black Friday rolls around, all that hard work goes out the window for most. It becomes a flood of chaotic advertising with little to no reward other than the usual statement of “we took part in it”. Well, of course, you did, but how many sales did it help you make? That’s the real question.

The reason so many fail to convert is because of a lack of thought behind their branding efforts. For example, if you are preparing social media adverts, are you preparing them in various sizes? If you aren’t, then you are missing a trick! Different sized ads will be optimised regardless of what platform you choose to advertise on, creating a more effective and visually appealing buying experience.

It’s a little known secret that the less popular ad sizes may, in fact, cost you less money and could show a better ROI in the long run. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

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At Create8, we specialise in branding. It’s pretty much our lifeblood! We take on projects of various sizes and help build something memorable and game-changing.

Helping clients understand the value of branding is something that we are incredibly passionate about; flick through our blogs, we talk about it a lot! Building a great brand means making your business timeless, and that’s what we want to help you achieve.

If anything you’ve read in this blog is of interest to you or if you want us to help you with your branding this Black Friday, get in touch!

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