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When building a successful business, it’s integral that you are actually selling products. Not to state the obvious, but sometimes it has to be done. The beauty of driving sales is that the method changes almost every year. Meaning the best businesses know how to capture those tricky sales no matter what the situation.

The best businesses are those selling us products we probably don’t need. Take Apple for example, have you ever noticed how the ‘upgrades’ to the iPhone are available with a military level of precision? That’s is because they know exactly when the demand is peaking. Apple sells iPhones every year to those who already have them. This is an elite sales strategy and it’s very well done.

So let’s take a brief overview of building a successful pattern of sales. Selling your product this year, and help your business get a leg-up on the competition.

Branding 📌

Assuming you have already developed the best product in your sector. Whether that’s the next Dyson or a belt that doubles up as a tape measure… Whatever the product is, the first thing that has to be right is branding.

We live in a world consumed by FOMO (the fear of missing out). This is driven mostly by social media, but there are several ways to make sure your brand is the one on everybody’s lips.

Firstly, your branding needs to be memorable and encourage emotion in potential buyers. Remember when Build-a-Bear had queues out the door. The brand was one of the best at stirring emotion. Everyone owned a bear when they were young but not everyone had the chance to build their own. The branding was stand out and supported a fantastic product.

Secondly, once you have a memorable brand that stands out next to your competitors, it’s time to make it THE brand, not just A brand. Being active on social media is a brilliant way to get people to talk about you. Create standout content and make sure as many sets of eyes as possible are fixed on your product.

You are in control of how many of your products are available. Companies in the fashion sector build demand by limiting the number, creating FOMO in those who desperately want to purchase the limited product. Nike in particular with the Air Jordan brand created a marketplace all of their own by limiting numbers, so why can’t that work for you?

Packaging 🧃

The next step on the sales journey is the packaging. Not every brilliant product has fantastic branding. This is where your packaging comes into play. If your product is non-essential, it MUST stand out from the crowd. The packaging is the most formulaic way to do that.

Think of those packed shelves in the local supermarket. More specifically think of the fridges at the front of the store, packed with delicious fizzy drinks. The confectionery sector is one of the strongest when it comes to eye-catching packaging. Brands like Monster Energy and Relentless, have gone to town on graphics and colour schemes. There’s one particular Mango flavoured Monster that looks like a Mexican Fiesta in a can.

Of course, there are different ways to execute great packaging that are very niche at the moment. Whether that’s using new and exciting recyclable materials or a graphics trend that’s very ‘now’.

You need to literally think outside the box when it comes to packaging.

Web 🤳

2021 is the year to take your online presence above and beyond. Most of us are stuck at home during lockdown, so web sales have boomed. Meaning having an all-singing, all-dancing website is more important than ever before.

It’s time to put more focus on the user experience of your site, as the competition for online sales grows in every sector. To sell your products this year, your website needs to tick a few simple boxes.

Is it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for? If your website is layered with pointless, info it will scare off potential clients. Keep it clean and succinct, or, hire a web design agency to do the work for you.

Are your colour schemes calming? Calm feelings are the theme for 2021, customers want to feel at ease whilst they shop. If your website is loud and obnoxious it may not sell as many products in 2021.

Does your website offer information that customers can’t get anywhere else? Do you have a blog with great content and mesmerising imagery? If not, invest some time or resources in getting one set up and running. It will drive natural traffic and improve your SEO.

Marketing 💰

The final piece of the puzzle when selling your products is, of course, your marketing. Marketing is how to get your products seen, whether it’s digitally or traditionally.

Marketing is a broad term, and there is far too much to mention for just this one blog. But to make it simple, marketing is all about finding the demographic you want to sell to. Learn and understand their behaviours and the way they spend money and where they spend it.

Once you know your target market, the creativity can flow. How are you going to capture the attention of your customers? Thinking outside the box when marketing can re-enforce how your brand is viewed by the public.

Take Sony, with their recent launch of the PS5, pushed innovative campaigns across the world. Including one where they changed the logos of the London Underground to incorporate the buttons used on the PS5 controller.

Not only did word spread on the back of the campaign but it was shared virally across social media. Reinforcing the brand and creating a desire and impulse to be involved and purchase the console.

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We take every aspect of driving sales seriously. The success of our clients is as important as our success, the two go hand-in-hand. If you want to know more, or you want to see what we can do for you as a business, get in touch! We can’t wait to hear from you! Also, we know lockdown gets lonely, if you want to reach out, we’re here!

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