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We live in a world of opportunity, and within that world, the age of inventiveness is well upon us. Let’s be honest, if you can book a flight around the globe from a device that sits in your palm, there’s not much you can’t do.

Our reliance on our phones and for self-improvement has led to more and more of us channelling our inner creative. We’ve learnt new skills and how to make them desirable. So here’s the thing, if everything we do in our daily life involves innovation and thinking outside the box, shouldn’t our work lives be the same?

Your CV 📝

When hiring someone new for an ever-growing team of forward-thinkers, companies are inundated with CVs. Unless you’ve sent something creative, everyone’s CV is the same. So here’s the big thing, you need to stand out.

When applying for roles in the creative sector, there’s no real excuse for following the guidelines. Thinking outside the box shows your ability to create innovative and thought-provoking answers to everyday questions. Surprise the person making the decisions. Make the office ‘oooo’ and ‘ahhh’ like the aliens from Toy Story.

Here are a few ideas we have been told about by companies and friends. Take some inspiration, think outside the box and make people remember you.

Special delivery 🐦

It doesn’t have to all be about the content of your CV. We heard about one plucky young digital marketer who had spent their time growing up in a rural part of the country. After moving to the underbelly of the country and into the city centre, they spent their time imagining a job at the dream marketing agency.

Once they saw a design job available, they decided to think way outside of the box and into the air. They decided that the delivery of their CV would be best suited on a USB drive. This isn’t unusual, and you’re right it’s not, but, they flew the CV into the agency via carrier pigeon. Now that would make you the talk of the office once you start work.

Show some passion 🔥

OK, love him or hate him, Drake is like the marmite of music. But, things that cause debate (away from politics, religion and anything overly controversial) are healthy for office life. Sport, music, the fact that dogs are way better than cats, anything of that nature gets people talking. So it made us smile when we heard about the job application where a graphic designer highlighted their hate for the hotline blinger, toosie slider, Drake.

Having posted a CD with their CV attached as one of the files, this designer had also edited a video of themselves destroying Drake albums in numerous ways, including driving over one in a car. It’s a hilarious way to catch the attention of those hiring, especially if they are hiring for a job concerning video creation. This application provided a CV and an example of work, with hilarious added value. Brilliant work!

Is there a job? 💭

Sometimes, you needn’t wait for a design job to be advertised to apply for it. Keeping yourself in the minds of an employer can be worthwhile. We wouldn’t advise messaging a business every single day, however, once a month or offering some innovative help with something they may have mentioned will always stand you in good stead.

If you have a particularly impressive CV or an inventive way of presenting it, send it out to the companies you want to work for, don’t wait for them to need you. They might not be able to hire you that day but they could remember you when a design job opens up. And it’s always good to be on the mind of the companies you like.

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If you have any particularly brilliant stories about getting a job or your CV, get in touch with us today. And if you have a brilliant CV and want to be considered by Create8, please don’t use a carrier pigeon, we don’t usually have the windows open!

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